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Profile(Jamie Sealey)


Full Name: Jamie Todd Sealey

Date of Birth: 6th July 1989

Age: 13

Born: Basingstoke, Berkshire

Early Life

Schools: Kingsclere(primary) The Clere(secondary)

First Job: Paper boy

Home Life

Family: Mum,Dad and Older Brother.

Where do you live: Kingsclere

Favourite Food: Chicken Nuggets

Worst Food: Beef

Favourite Drink: Smirnoff Ice

Worst Drink: Orange Squash

Top Tv Programme:The Simpsons

Worst Tv Programme: Freinds

Do you Cook: Sometimes

Favourite Music: Kid Rock

What do you luagh at: idiots and jokes

Favourite Possession: My Bike

What do you wish for in life: to have a good one!!!

Favourite Colour: Red

Do you do any physical training: yes, i go swimming, play squash and go in the gym

Speedway Life

When did you start: i started on my twelth birthday.

Tracks Ridden on: Reading training track

Do you spend time in the workshop: yes i do

Transport: Mercedes-benz sprinter

All Star Team: 1.Jamie Sealey  2.Bjarne Pederson  3.Armando Castanga  4. Lance Sealey   5. Nicki Pederson   6. Phil Morris   7. Matej Ferjan


My Life so far

I started just after my twelth birthday as a birthday treat. I wanted to do speedway when i was young as i used to watch it every week because my Uncle Lance used to ride for Reading, Oxford and Cradley but i never saw him ride at Cradley. My first go on a speedway bike was at Reading Training Track which i burrowed a bike from Mick Hester which kept poping and farting, but i decided to have another go 2 months later. in July 2002 i bought a bike for £175 which was really good value as it hasnt farted once on me yet . about 3 weeks later i had my first go on it and my Uncle Lance showed me how to slide the bike, but i wasnt the best at it. A week later i had another go and i learnt how to slide coming out of the corner which i was happy with............................... To Be Continued   

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