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12/8/2002 13:15 GMT  ben ilsley
hi jamie when are u riding at reading then if u ever need any help just ask im 13 aswell you want to get on the grass mate im doing my first meeting on the 1st september feel free to come a long i could do some help ben good luck  
6/8/2002 08:27 GMT  Sam
nice website its cool cant wait till there is photos of your new bike. 
22/7/2002 08:28 GMT  Becky Partridge
Great to see another good speedway website. If you need any help with the site please email me at My name is Becky Partridge and along with my Mother we have just started up a new website and fan club for Jon Stevens and Martin Williams, two of the current Wimbledon Dons. We would like it if Web masters could add our our website link to their websites. The links are: and This would be really appriciated. In return I will add your link to Jon Stevens and Martin Williams Link pages and the Unofficial Wimbledon Dons Website which I also run by myself. Email Many Thanks Becky Partridge web editor of Jon Stevens and Martin Williams Racing Teams at Unofficial Wimbledon Dons Website 
21/7/2002 18:49 GMT  Jamie Sealey
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