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Squib Bib

Squib Bib

Every week throughout the season, one player will be forced to wear the humiliating "Squib Bib" at training. Reasons for this could be as far apart as having a shocker on a Sunday to pulling a horrible burd at the Hamilton Palace on a Friday (being committed athletes, Bruce players don't go out on a Saturday night). Each week, the player in question will be named and shamed on this page, with his squib bib reason given.


Training Session 01/03/01


Alan Stewart

Alan Stewart has been trying hard recently.  He really has.  It seems Stan Cameron's recent domination of the prestigious training bib has left the ageing striker feeling a touch left out.  Not to be outdone, though, The Bruce number nine has finally done enough to ensure he gets the honour this week.

Ridiculous tatoos, silly hats, gay looking gloves and a series of jaw-dropping misses over the last few weeks had put him in the reckoning for the award, but it wasn't until Sundays match with Club Newarthill that he made the bib his own.  Clearly inspired by Kevin McCaig's earlier inablity to deliver a decent corner kick after wrestling with the flag for two minutes, Aldo saw his opportunity. 

No sooner had The Bruce forced their next corner, when Alan rushed across to place the ball in the arc. As his teammates gathered in the box, he seized his opportunity. Ignoring the apparant handicap of a poorly positioned flag, Alan wasted no time in blasting the ball directly out of play, falling on his backside for good measure.

Well done Alan.

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