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What can be said about this weekend that hasn't already been mention hundreds of time before? well to put it mildly (or into Alex's words) it was an absolute winner. Seen as though this was such a great weekend im gonna give you a run down into what happend on saturday night and all day Sunday.


Met up wi the lads at head of steam at 7:30 for a swift one. At aprox 7:57 I assembled the group together to board the platform across the other side. Many of the lads were being childish and imature e.g 

  • Shouting "PU PU PU PUNANI!"
  • Making animal sounds "Mooooooooooooo"
  • And taking the pi2s out of my marker and clip board

When I tried to point out that the lads were being silly I had a fair amount of abuse thrown at me again good examples are

  • "you love Jon"
  • "your sister runs a fruit and veg stall"

Again when we got to leeds city station the childish coments didn't stop there e.g

  • "Were in Leeds"
  • "Leeds is s*it"

Once we enterd the clubs the child behaviour gradually started to transform into drunken stupidity. We started off in the Old Monk which Adam B stated "Drinks are 2 for 1" yeah wrong again mate £2.30 for a pint I think you'll find. Whetherspoons followed wear we bumped into an old aquaintance Nice Guy Kev from Gaelic. As the night wore on the lads were geting fresher by the minute with double vodka and red bull slipping down treat. Henry's wine bar was next and its safe say it was to posh for the likes of us. Once we got to Creation we were well on our way, and with the q jumping passes from whetherspoons it didnt take long for the next drink. The place was boomin even though it was a bit on the expensive side and when the bhoys were informed on the price of a vk orange such quotes as

  • "Im not paying that for sh*t
  • and "you can stick £3.40 up your ar8e

were at a premium. the night was superb and there were many moments of contraverysy here are a few of them.

  • Johnny mounting some doris in the toilets (we've all done it)
  • I was also on form wi some lass who had a tighter badger than the Arsenal back four
  • Quinn also fell for some extremely young looking lass (Cheating on Guibini wee!)
  • The retard who fell out of his seat on the way home (poor lad)
  • Quinn for nearly geting battered by Emma Tattersall and her crew


TO BE CONTINUED....................................................................................................... 


Hello and welcome to the new "Champagne Skies" formally known as "Hazza", as some of you may know I used to run a little page on the original I.C website called "Matty's Xmas Presents". But I was bruttely given the elbow by editor Paul Quinn. Seeing as I was betrayed by Quinn I felt I could never work with such low life scum so when Bob proposed his idea to me about a new care free, improved site I jumped at the chance.

This week has been a turbulent week for all the Bhoys with contravers not to far away, especially for Clarke. Indeed there were ugly scenes involving him outside bobs Taxis on Sunday night. And yet again more contraversy with the rock sensation Nova, wher lead singer Richard Webster aparently has been shafting the other band members. Quotes such as "Drinks are on me", "Fidler on the roof" and "It was just just resting in my account" were at a premiem

Leeds Saturday night, promises to be an absolute tonking with most of Bhoys out. lads who bottled it include

  • Bobby (geting back and sides off mistress b*tch)
  • Clarke (head in the books)
  • Brendan (dying his hair)

And the next day is the big one ST PADDY'S all the lads will be out in force and if there is half as much doris in the I.C as there was last week its safe to say it will be an all day sesh.

And now a part on the page where I pay tribute to those who have achieved something in the hearts of the Bhoys this week its called wait for it....................... *TATTS TRIBUTE*

5) At five we have Clarke for puting up with acts of such ridicoulas violence on Sunday night.

4) Next one up is Damien Wood for scrapins on Saturday night ah yes Beth,Brens old flame. I sence a bit of needle in the ranks.

3) Bob for setting up the website.

2) Richard Webster for getting all the drinks in.

And at number one..........

1) Chris Helliwell for being the only one out of all the Bhoys to get his finger out of his ar5e and sorting out an end of season excursion congratulations your the 1st ever winner of *TATTS TRIBUTE*





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