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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
19/3/2002 22:22 GMT  Laura
Ha ha i spanked the monkey @ 845mph!! beat that "bhoy"!! 
19/3/2002 18:31 GMT  bhoy
i spanked the monkey at 594 mph!!! bob knows what i mean. check out 
19/3/2002 17:59 GMT  Bobby
Can we stop writing f*cking sh*t on this site!!Ive set up this site to have a laugh and get away from that f*cking rubbish thats always on!If people want to abuse each other fine but do it else where, or just simply do it face to face!!!Thanx 
18/3/2002 14:17 GMT  Adam
Damo, Matty, get your pages updated on our night out to L**ds.

17/3/2002 10:05 GMT  Bobby
We've got 2 websites because the first website is for stats and results etc! The second site is purely just for talking sh*t!Your welcome to talk sh*t also! 
16/3/2002 22:31 GMT  fan
y have u got 2 websites confusing 
16/3/2002 17:55 GMT  MCGOWAN
15/3/2002 09:29 GMT  Cally
Bobby - my solicitors will be in touch,it was proved to be Brie I had purchased earlier from Marks & Spencers and everyone knows you have to serve it warm! 
14/3/2002 23:02 GMT  Hazza
14/3/2002 21:15 GMT  Bobby
I have time here and there!If you want a page come and see me for one!!! 
14/3/2002 20:47 GMT  black man
bobby give me a page as well seen as i have nothing else to do. where do u find time to do all this  
14/3/2002 19:00 GMT  Bobby Re:Cally
Take a look at struggle!  
14/3/2002 17:06 GMT  mcgowan
update the hazza page! 
14/3/2002 17:06 GMT  mcgowan
update the hazza page! 
14/3/2002 14:51 GMT  Cally
Bobby , why don't you do a piece on all the people you know that have tried to escape from Boots without paying? 
14/3/2002 14:29 GMT  Quinny
this is treason i am not going to condone this action u r attempting to intimidate me and my fellow colleagues by pursuing such activities my lawyer has been notified. WATCH YOUR BACK!!! 
14/3/2002 14:22 GMT  sam
well done bobby its a great site far better than the original kep it coming thick and fast!  
14/3/2002 13:56 GMT  Bobby
Im not attempting to outdo the OFFICIAL site,my sites purely an addition to the OFFICIAL site!The IC website is stats mines having a giraffe!!!! Now do you see what ive done here? 
14/3/2002 13:51 GMT  Bobby...a word!
Why are you attempting to outdo the official I.C. website..when it can't be done! I HAVE TO SAY I DEFINITEL DON'T LIKE YOUR ANGLE ON THIS ONE!!  
14/3/2002 10:52 GMT  Fryup
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Cheers Bobby, thought my advice might help! 
13/3/2002 22:09 GMT  clarkey
this site is class!!! has the 100% freedom that perhaps the official one lacks. bob send us a password and i'll get to work on my page cos i hear the fans are cueing to see what makes clarke tick!! email me my password 
13/3/2002 21:50 GMT  Girls
your site is good, we added it to our contacts, so return the favour Bob! 
13/3/2002 15:48 GMT  *luc*
the idea's great Bob, jus get working to keep your readers, get a poll up and put some gossip on!!!!!!!! 
13/3/2002 11:49 GMT  Fryup
Bobby, the only bit of front page advice i can give is to put some dirt on it! 
13/3/2002 11:39 GMT  Bobby
Ok Mat,i'll give you a page if you want!There's nothing on the site yet because i've only just started it and im not Bill Gates! 
12/3/2002 21:04 GMT  Matty
Bob this website is absolute pooey. u want to try and give the site a glamour toach by updating things once in a while. If you want to give me the password I'll take over 1 of the pages 4 u. You never know might even see a comeback of "MATTY'S XMAS PRESENTS" 
12/3/2002 18:49 GMT  Damo
this site is almost as good as gubbini's men. Deal me a password bob and i'll get started with some comtroversial holiday pics of the bhoys. 
11/3/2002 19:39 GMT  Emma Lynch
hi guys ive decided to start supporting you guys since hepworth disappointed me yesterday. can i come watch you in the final? i'd love to meet somemore of you guys in person, cos ive only met two of before and that was in visage ages ago. perhaps some of you are single nowadays? oh yeah and stop signing in as me!!! i love my hair!!! 
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