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Donkey of the Year

As the hotly contested competition for Donkey of the Year is well underway, we look at some of the moments of stupidity and banality so far this season and some of the contenders for DONKEY OF THE YEAR!

Mark Stocker v Broadway Tavern:
Aztec get a free-kick in their own half which Stocker daisy cuts to Broadway's striker who comfortably slots past Jason.

Tony v Leigham Vale Reserves
2-2 and Aztec look like holding 100% Leigham Vale to a draw. Step up Mr Tony 'Lomu' Barter. With Leigham Vale's striker running away from goal Tony throws himself at the strikers midrift slowly sliding down his body and bringing him to the floor. Oh, did I forget to say it was in the box. Penalty

Carl v Creekmoor Lions:
Who can forget the memorable moment where Carl, on his debut, runs up to take a corner only to kick the corner flag, sending the ball on a 1mph journey 1 foot for a goal kick.

Rob Barker v First Capital Finance
Aidie swings in a near post corner onto the head of Jez Horgan. Cue rebound off the crossbar and substitute Rob heading over from 1yard out.

Tony Barter v Christchurch Conservatives
Tony, ever wanting to put his previous Donkey Trophies behind him, runs clean through on goal with no-one in sight, only the keeper to beat, yet hits a shot from 30 yards narrowly missing the corner flag. Take off those tobelerone boots Tony.

Jez Horgan v First Capital Finance
11-0 down at the time and with Aztec only glimsp of the net, Martin Bungay strode into the box, nuts the oncoming defender, whereby Jez Horgan who only needed to touch the ball into the net shinned it over the bar.

Darren Williams v First Capital Finance
Darren who was marking the player who scored 6 goals to help First Capital Finance score more in this one match than all their previous matches together, un-content with this latched onto a through ball and with exact prescision dispatched a well placed shot past his own goalkeeper.

Jason Lankshear v Broadway
With a attacker bearing down on him Mark Stocker casually passes a left-footed backpass to the usually adept Jason in the Aztec goal. Cue Jason swinging missing and nutsing himself sending the ball precariously close to his own net. Doh!
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