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28/5/2002 07:07 GMT  Sneezy
Very unlikely!!! 
27/5/2002 23:01 GMT  Snow White
well, somehow Aztec have remained in division 5. At least my long nosed friend has a chance to take some points off you again!! 
12/3/2002 19:13 GMT  jas
After a disapointing season by Aztec,we showed what we could really play like in the final game of the season.It's just a shame we didn't have the player's and the resource's for the whole of the season.otherwise it could have been us in the running for the title.Congratulation to myself and jez for not missing one game all season.Thanks to all of you who played this year.Cheers!!!  
11/3/2002 19:37 GMT  Snow White
well; 3-3 v Leigham Vale is a great result, but unfortunately the drop cannot be avoided. I hope you manage to bounce straight back up! 
4/3/2002 08:35 GMT  Jez Horgan
Next Sunday will be the last day to vote for your Donkey of the Year, although looking at the stats I don't think it will make much odds. 
27/2/2002 08:04 GMT  Bashful
Being the pundit that I am, I foresee a 4-1 win to Aztec v Pinocchio. 
26/2/2002 08:23 GMT  Snow White
Beware the return of the puppet! 
13/2/2002 09:25 GMT  Doc
I'm afraid even if we beat the remaining four teams relegation looms. Oh well, perhaps we will stand more chance of actually beating a team in Divvie 6 (or 7). 
11/2/2002 19:33 GMT  Snow White still conceded 5 goals, but congratulations, I've heard Ferndown can play a bit so to come back from 5-2 sounds great to me. Unfortunately for you, my wooden long-nosed friend's team beat Sovereign 3-4 away! I hope they haven't sealed your fate! 
5/2/2002 10:17 GMT  Grumpy
Slades Farm happens to be our training ground too (so I've been told by players who go) and it should be noted that we have got four of our seven points playing on the hallowed turf of Slades. Reference Penalty appeal, I believe the striker in question did not go to ground and then, after he had cocked up the shot, started crying. I bet you a fiver that next time we play Pinocchio we'll win and I will score at least one goal??  
4/2/2002 23:16 GMT  Sleepy
Having conferred with Alan Hanson, it should be noted that the 'Pinocchio' referee did not give a blatant penalty when Jason rugby-tackled the Pinocchio striker towards the end of the first half! David Ellery would have had fun with his red card too, I'm sure! As Slades Farm is Pinocchio's summer training location, I believe the puppet will reign supreme again!  
4/2/2002 13:16 GMT  Dopey
Hey, we've still got to play Pinocchio and X'Church Con at home (Slades Farm). I am sure they are quaking! I'm sure we can stop the 5-goals-a-game now that we are no longer playing with 8 players every game. P.S. Any Dwarves welcome as I reckon they could still win headers from our defenders. 
4/2/2002 12:32 GMT  Snow White
My spies tell me that you were out-played by the team of a good friend of mine yesterday! There is only one thing worse than that... losing to Xchurch Con. , but I see you have manged to do that already! I think I might be able to supply a dwarf or two for next Sunday, should you still be short of players. I do hope you end your run of conceding five a game soon! Be well SW 
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