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Previous Player Profiles as seen on the BAFC homepage!!!

Welcome to BAFC's first player profile

First up in our new feature is the Captain and BAFC Backbone, ... the main man at the back..the Don of the defence...Please be upstanding for The Greyhound.

Sir Gary Jenkins

The player with the most appearances for BAFC, accumilated over a period of eleven years, Gary remains the main man in the defensive line up.  Strong in the air, solid in the tackle, fairly quick over two metres and composed with the ball at his feet. Gary has been a consistent cog in  the BAFC machine.  A vocal presence on the field Gary is also likely to notch up a couple of goals each season, most likely from a free kick or corner, though recently sighted steaming through into the eighteen yard box to claim an equaliser against Cranliegh. Some thundurous goals at training suggest that there is still more to come from the Greyhound. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

Ladies and Gentlemen, we applaud Gary Jenkins.

The Greyhound recieves Young player of the Year award from fellow canine, Dogs of War Lewer.


Player Profile 2

For our second player profile, we salute the first name on the team sheet (if it was written
alphabetically, using christian names). Lets raise a Carlsberg to Andy Lewer, probably the best player
to ever to pull on a BAFC shirt. 

Always one to wear the badge close to his heart, (and not just
because the shirt is so tight) Dogs of War has consistently proven himself over a period of ten years.

A regular player of the Year and also a highest goal scorer, Andy is the most all rounded player within
the club.  Strong in the challenge - whether on the ground or in the air, very skillful with the ball at his feet,
and with a superb eye for goal, a special trauma helpline for opposing goalkeepers - 0800 - I HAVE JUST FILLED MY PANTS
is probably long overdue.

Although laid back off the field, Lewer Lewer has a particular trait that is instilled in his game..
Though difficult to predict when, where or why, we have all witnessed that Lewer trigger go.  
The - 'I have had enough of this mucking around, that ball is going in the net' switch.

Please be upstanding for the one you want on your team, all round good guy, Andrew Lewer. 

Lewer Lewer

So good they named him twice.

Profile Number Three to come!!!

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