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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
20/8/2002 08:43 GMT  Richy Whipps.
Hi Guys, Well all friendlies, over and done with, 4 wins not bad. And know the real thing starts in 2 weeks time. For anyone who has not seen the fixtures for September, well here they are:- Bmth Athletic v Bmth Electric Res (L) Mercury v Bmth Athletic (C) Parley Sports Res v Bmth Athletic (L) Bmth Athletic v SPS Security (L) Bmth Athletic v Redhill (L) A tough start to the season, but as welll all know we are not going to get any easy games, and with a full strength squad, we should not fear anyone. 
14/8/2002 21:15 GMT  John
Two nice messages there from Buffy - who is not a vampire slayer - and Richy Whipps. Nice to hear the best goalie in Division 2 last season in such positive voice! I reckon it's time he was organising the next social, don't you! So, c'mon, let's get working on him and follow-up on our last social - the BAFC Awards Day Special. Hope you have all replied to Golden's Wedding Invite! 
12/8/2002 22:26 GMT  Buffy
Thanks for the game lads, I'm only sorry our squads commitment couldn't match yours and thus we couldn't give you the sort of warm-up game you needed, although I hope it gave you a chance to look at more of your players than expected! I'm certain that when you have a serious game you'll be much better than that, although at times I must admit you did show real class; Franny's second and Richie B's chip in particular were excellent goals. Anyway, all the best in Division One this season from all of us at the Forest Inn, and if you're ever really short of players then we do have some decent guys, really!! so give us a call... 
12/8/2002 15:51 GMT  Richy Whipps
Well done lads two win's, so far in the friendlies, even though we probably cannot count Sunday's match against Forest Inn, as a friendly, more like a bit of a laugh, but nevermind. I think a few good things that came out of thhe first match against Mudeford Mens, was certainly Andy at the back, have we found the replacement for Steve Carter!!??!!?? What a very good player he is, very good with the ball at his feet, good in the air, a very good find. Also well done to Martin, another good display from him also, certainly wasn't shy in the tackles and certainly wasn't afraid to get forward from the Right back position, very promising couple of aquisitions. Richie B is certainly looking on fire at the mo, lets hope it continues into the season. Well we have another match on on Thursday, then a big game against Cranleigh on the Sunday. Remember lads we have not beaten them yet, so lets get a good team result against them. 
11/8/2002 21:19 GMT  John
Well done Martin and Andy - good debuts from you two guys. You both have high standards to keep up now. 
9/8/2002 10:38 GMT  Martin
Well done Bournemouth Athletic. 4:1 victory yesterday. 
8/8/2002 09:30 GMT  Dave
Anyone, what time is football tonight? I've left my phone at home so please call me at work 02380 227086 or leave a message here! 
27/7/2002 22:37 GMT  Buffy
OK guys, nice excuse - next time just admit you're chickening out!! Seriously, maybe I should be quicker out of the blocks next time (insert your own gag here.) All the best for next season and I hope the inferior quality of pre-season opponents won't hurt your chances.... My mobile number is 07919 205224. 
26/7/2002 09:01 GMT  BAFC MANAGER
We never loan out our players to Mickey Mouse Dorset outfits. I like to have my players treated with kid gloves - especially the soft ones like Corbin - and you lot are much too rough. Unfortunately, we cannot assist you with some higher league opposition in a friendly as we are already fully committed with games against other Bournemouth teams. Seriously though, thanks for thinking of us and maybe some other time. Buffy, can you let me have your phone number please mate on another subject? My mobile is 07798 728953. 
22/7/2002 23:23 GMT  Buffy
And we turned Bowyer down last week! 
22/7/2002 23:21 GMT  Buffy
Many congrats on your title gentlemen from all at the Forest Inn FC - I hear you reckon you can beat us in a friendly, so all I can say the time, name the place, and we'll be there to show that you can't win 'em all! Stipulations; Corbin, Frances and Rawlings (if all available) play one half for each team, other than that bring along your best boys..... 
22/7/2002 11:49 GMT  Alan Hansen
Really sorry Lee, but i believe Bournemouth Athletic have 2 first class Right Midfielders in there team, in Golden Graham, and Young Andy, so unless you want to take a place on there bench, i suggest you try a team called Mercury, as i don't think they won anything last season, so they would probably look for some help!!! 
22/7/2002 07:42 GMT  Lee Bowyer
Have you got any room in your side for right sided midfielder! 
10/7/2002 10:47 GMT  Dave
The guestbook hads been wiped and is ready for a fresh season of banter! Get typing!!! See you all tomorrow 
8/7/2002 10:59 GMT  Richard Whipps
Hello everyone, well the bid day is fast approaching, and this Thursday is the day, it all starts again for another season. I hope that there will be a good turn out for Training, as i think what John has got planned for us we, will all find very good. On another note, i know that there are a few golfers within the team, so i am going to try and arrange a golfing day at one of the local courses. Should anyone like me, who is not any good want to play, then please come along, as it will only be a bit of fun!! The ones who do play golf, can you give me some ideas of the courses around locally, and the ones that are good, and maybe some sort of price? as you alll know from the website and the people that i have text, there is a social night this Saturday 13th, kicking off at the Littten Tree between 7.30pm - 8.00pm, so please as many of you try and make it, thanks. More details of the golf day and this Saturday's social night, will be given on Thursday at Training. See you alll there!! 
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