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Boy's Night Out

Bournemouth Athletic Social Nite - Part 2!!

The Curry Nite - 19/10/01


Richy - The R****T

Jason - Swingers

John - Lauren Blanc

Andy - Dogs of War

Steve - Perry Mason

Gary - Greyhound

Graham - Golden

Geoff - Mouse

Mike - Toploader

Well guys sorry for the long delay in writing a report about the events that happened on the above nite, but am still recovering from it thanks to certain individuals and a club called Berlins!!!

I think it was the best response to a nite out that we have had since I have been with the team, so that was excellent. Unfortunately there were some people missing, but hopefully they will make up for missing that nite and come to the Xmas Party. It looks like this is going to be Greyhound Racing at Poole Stadium which Jason and I are trying to organize - details to follow.

Anyway enough of that let me tell you about the events of that nite.

We all met at around 8.00pm in the Litten Tree and once everyone got there I handed out stickers with everyone's nicknames written on them, as you will see above.

We stayed in the pub for about an hour and after a few pints, we made our way to the curry house next-door so not to far to stagger!! Once in there and the beers and starters had been ordered, the fun began to start. Jeff, who was sat in the middle (and was not eating - just drinking) decided he needed to go to the toilet about 200 times, and was doing an impression of Action Man, as he attempted to climb over seats etc to get to the toilet.

Unfortunately Slugger Chris Francis could not make it, but I think John rang him (to make sure he was okay for Sunday and also to see if he was playing for the Mighty Rise on Saturday I think - Ha Ha). Anyway, he eventually got passed round the whole table to talk to everyone and was pretty confused by the end of it all.

Once we had eaten our starters, more beer was ordered along with the main meal which was eventually going to be the funniest bit in the Curry House. As everyone s meal was coming out most of us having normal curry like Korma, etc, but there had to be one to have something different, and that person was Jason. His (meal that is) was still cooking and sizzling, when it came out and placed on the table in front of him. The comments to the waiter and waitress, then started to happen, such as "what am I supposed to do with this, cook it myself?", and "what is all this red "poo" all over it?"

Thank God the staff did not hear!! In the middle of all this we sang happy birthday to some woman, who was in there, which she was quite embarrassed about.

In the end I think everyone enjoyed their meals - even though Jason's was still cooking!! The bill came to about £150 which wasn't bad for 9 people.

Once the bill was paid we all trundled back to the Litten Tree for last orders etc, and sat in the corner of the pub near the window, to see what sort of talent was hanging about. Some fit birds walked past and looked in the window to us all. So, we started to wave back and I got up and lifted my shirt up for a laugh. Well, the next minute this sexy little chick, lifted her pink top up to show us her great assets - very nice - and then all the doorman clapped her for getting them out and me for encouraging her too.

The discussion of where we were going next came was mentioned, and I think there was only me and Perry Mason, up for a bit of clubbing. The words that came from Andy "Dogs of War" Lewer were " I am not going to any clubs". Well, within half an hour there was me, Steve, Andy, Jeff and Graham all in Berlins. How very nice! This is when we all got to see another side of Jeff!! We all thought he was such a quiet bloke, never says anything to anyone, nothing on the football pitch. How we were so wrong!

Once in the club and we had all got our drinks, some of us had a little dance on the dance-floor, while the others stayed at the bar. Once the motley crew were all back together, Jeff started to go up to the women who were complete strangers to him bending over in front of them and shaking his bum to them and then turning round asking if they thought he had a nice one!! I lost count the number of times he did that to women.

He then came up with the great idea to go in the VIP lounge (they had obviously opened this as they knew players from Bournemouth Athletic were in the building!!) By this time, we had lost Graham, who told me on the Sunday that he said good-bye to me lots of times, but I was too drunk to remember. Jeff got the first round in, which was Tequila Slammers. Lovely, though after the 6th or 7th wasn t so lovely. I think the next drink was either Blue or Red After Shock, and we lost count of how many of them we had. When we had finished this lot, Andy went missing and came back about 10 mins later, after he had chucked his guts up in the toilet. We continued to knock the shorts back.

In the end we were all bored of what we had drunk. So, we asked the barman to make us up a drink. What a mistake that was; we all watched in shock when he poured, After Shock, Tequila, Southern Comfort, Whisky and some other drinks into this glass for us all to have - this was going to be bad! I was shocked and surprised the way Steve Carter had handled all these drinks so far, it did not seem to have affected him, but it has certainly affected me.

Once we had all decided to knock back the drinks in one we attempted to do it - I got halfway through and stopped and said "I am going to puke". Jeff said no you will be ok, Richie. I finished it off and then the gates opened - puke everywhere! All over this girls feet who was sitting next to me, which she was not impressed about, but after the flood gates had finished. I felt fine and wanted to do more. By this time I was asked to leave by a bouncer. When I refused and said I was okay, he said no you are leaving. I still refused, and he then tried to put my arm behind my back, which I was not happy about. The words to him were "UNPRINTABLE".

I was then asked to leave by about 6 bouncers, which I was then happy to do, and thought my nite was over. Once escorted off the premises, I was a bit displeased and started to boot the main door, where the one bouncer was standing. I was then greeted by the words "Richie, what are you doing?" as, unfortunately, the bouncers had also chucked the rest of them out as well.

We were all desperate for a drink so I suggested the Stakis Casino, as I am a member. So, we all trundled round there, I had to sign the guys in and they had to fill out forms putting names and addresses down etc. This was okay until it came to Jeff, who by this point was well and truly hammered. As he attempted to do this, the kind Spanish Lady behind the desk said "sorry you can't come in as your are to drunk!" On this, Jeff said okay, took two steps back and passed out in the doorway of the Casino.

At this point, none of us could do anything as we where laughing so much. Once up, we all decided to call it a nite and slowly walked down Westover Road. En-route to try and find a Taxi, we first lost Andy Lewer and then Jeff. So, there were only me and Steve Carter left. We found a taxi and went home.

I did not find out until Saturday afternoon when Andy turned up looking very unwell for football, that he had walked all the way home again, and I think he said he had lost or ripped his shirt en-route.

On the Sunday, when we all saw Jeff, he told us that he sprinted all the way home, and was still suffering on his shoulder and head from bruises and bumps from passing out.

What can I say it was a fantastic nite, the best social nite so far for the team, and I hope there will be many more to come.

Watch out for our Christmas do - keep checking the home page for details!

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