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Nick Sanders  Wednesday, June 06, 2001  23:20 GMT

Unfortunately, the Bemsee meeting at Rockingham, has had to be cancelled.
At the moment, it is not clear why,but there has been some discussion about the safety of the circuit for motorcycle racing.
John Reynolds and Sean Emmett,who race in the British Superbikes,expressed concerns about the area of the track that goes from the infield to the banked section and also where it rejoins the infield again.
However,our club meeting would only have used the infield track,which does not include any banked sections,so the reasons for the cancellation are not really clear at the moment.
But,the Bemsee club would not have taken the decision to cancel lightly,having the safety of riders,marshals and spectators as their overiding priority.
The Rockingham circuit is the first purpose built race track to be constructed in this country for 50 years and is only the second banked circuit ever to have been built here,after Brooklands,in Surrey, which ceased to hold race meetings in the 1940's.Teething problems are to be expected and although there have been several car races held there and indeed motorcycle track days,bike racing requires different safety specifications.
Naturally,there is great disappointment at the moment because it's not often you get the chance to race a virgin circuit.But if there is a problem,whatever it is ,it's best it's sorted now,without unnecessary risks.
The Rockingham owners are bike enthusiasts as well as car and will obviously be working to sort it!
Check out the Rockingham circuit at
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