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"Colemans goto pieces"

Tony Dunlop  Friday, May 04, 2001  21:46 GMT

Coleman's Cabinets 0 - 6 Hepworth & Grandage

Once again another team change came to the supprise of all who played the previous game. Ian made his League debut in goal & with Lamby now working away, a change was called for up front but, everyone should have started, who started the last game.

The game was only 1min in when Hepworth struck. This was via a close offside claim which cost us an early goal.

A second came not long after, Pouner was guilty of keeping hold of the ball in our box & we paid the price as Hepworth doubled their lead with the keeper stranded. 2-0.

A third came on 23mins, Gummy was the culprate this time as he got caught in possesion outside of the area & the winger ducked & weaved his way through us all without a clip at his heels. 3-0.

During all this Dunlop got a bust nose, as i went in for a high ball with my head, a Hepworth defender came in with his studds showing & caught my nose, & the claret started to flow. To top it all off he said he never touched me! yeh right! So with a couple of bits of cotton wool stuffed up my nose i continued.

Hepworth got another before half time. This was from a corner as the ball came in Ian got a hand to it but was unable to stop the follow up 4-0.

We hardly had much play in the first half & as Hepworths class was on show, we opted for the easy option & just got rid of the ball without any thought.

Our half time talk was not upto much & neither was Wallys. We just complained where we were all going wrong, Complaining about the ref "again" because their was nothing else to pick out of our football .

Like in the 1st half the second was no different. we got nowt off the ref & Hepworth nearly scored early on. They did get a Fifth after about 50mins, this was from another corner ball & as no one picked the attacker up it was an easy task to find the net 5-0.

During most of the match the ref was bang on form with the lower tabled club, we hardly got any of the desisions & our flustration was now flowing from all of our team, this was topped by Myself making a sly comment to him after another offside shout fell upon deaf ears but to our benefit they failed to score this time. As Steve had a word with the ref, my comment was " dont bother we are playing against 12men anyway"

So 2mins later after i won a ball in our box & the attacker did not like it & proceeded to lash out at me with a back kick to my knee, the ref was watching the pair of us tusseling to win the ball from eachother, he had a very good view of the incidence but failed to take any action & as i shouted "haway ref, take your blinkers off" he then stoped play & i got a yellow card for mouthing off. Ref, you Muppet!

So this done nothing to win him over & we went on to conceed another late in the game as Ian came out to stop a one on one, but after he was grounded the rest was easy 6-0.

Their keeper only made one save form our efforts, but from the off it allways looked to be how many we would let in rather than how many would we score.

They were a much better footballing side than us but our heads went down too early in the game to have a go at them.

Martin Simms won the Man of the Match award & out of a bad bunch this was the right choice. A lot of people were disgrunteld about either not starting or not playing at all, but with 17 people able to play, not all could get on but some should have.

Lets all put this game behind us & we have one more game left on the 19th of may against Acxiom, lets have a good'en.
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