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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
19/5/2001 12:45 GMT  Dinnit Howld Bak !
You'll be lost without Lamby next season! The Top House wants Tony D to play up front! PS - Just gan foritt lads! 
18/5/2001 11:15 GMT  Andy B
The Sultan of Brunei was beginning to worry, for although he had 6 children, he had no son and therefore, no heir. Imagine his joy when one of his wives finally presented him with his first and only son and heir. Before his son's sixth birthday, the Sultan spoke to him and said, "Son, I am proud of you. Anything you want, I shall get it for you." His son replied, "Daddy, I would like to have my own airplane." Not wanting to do things by halves, he bought him American Airlines. Before his son's 7th birthday, the Sultan spoke to him and said, "Son, I am very proud of you. Anything you want, I shall get it for you." His son replied, "Daddy, I would like a boat." Not wanting to do things by halves, his father bought him The Princess Cruise Lines. Just before his son's eighth birthday, the Sultan spoke to him and said, "Son, you bring so much happiness into my life. Anything you want, I shall get for you." His son replied, "Daddy, I would like to be able to watch cartoons." Not wanting to do things by halves, his father bought him Disney Studios, and their theatres, where he watched all his favourite cartoons. Just before his son's ninth birthday, the Sultan spoke to him and said, "Son, you are an inspiration to us all. Anything you want, I shall get for you." His son, who had really become obsessed with the Disney cartoons, replied, "Daddy, I would like a Mickey Mouse outfit." Again, not wanting to do things by halves, his father bought him nufc.  
18/5/2001 09:09 GMT  High Quality Vote Analysis - just like John Snow
Looks like Wally should be out on his ear!! 
13/5/2001 18:41 GMT  Top House back from Tour
Just Recovering form a very sucessfull weekend away. Well in the bar that is, a footie match was played which after being on the P*ss from 12.30 on friday afternoon till 3.00am saturday morning, we could'nt kick our own ar*e'es never mind the oppositions as we went down 4-0 but that never stoped another session on the night time as well as the odd couple on the way home today. What a weekend! Tony D 
13/5/2001 13:13 GMT  Harry Redknapp
Any jobs going at your club ?. I will get my son Jamie to pop down for a game while he recovers from his dodgy knee!. 
12/5/2001 07:12 GMT  Moxy on tour!! down under
alright tone!! hows the p#ss up gannin, cos i can see the footy will be sh@te what with you on the drink!! as usual in northampton!! is des with you??? hope you have a good one!! mox!! i'll be watching the final midnight tonight!!! after star wars shown on showtime!! 
11/5/2001 16:28 GMT  Top House on Tour
on our way to Northampton just stoped off for a P*ss stop at TROWEL SERVICES NOTINGHAM.. Tony D 
11/5/2001 15:21 GMT  Top House on Tour
just droping a line in the service station at Barnsley. TONY D 
10/5/2001 03:45 GMT  Moxy
Congrats Bowman, you unlucky bast@#d!! (sorry andrea) sorry i cannot be there for the p@#s up!!! but no doubt i'll still have a drink for you!! , give all the to#*ers at the Ramside shi#e for me!! hope yous have fun and spew your ring!!! to have a send off in style!! so lads you know what you's have to do!!!!  
9/5/2001 20:02 GMT  On Behalf of the footie team
Would we miss a chance of a P*ss up. A coach load will turn up just like match day! 
9/5/2001 10:28 GMT  Andy B
Misuse of Guestbook Alert!! As you may or may not know I'm getting a ball and chain attatched to my neck (sorry Andrea) on the 1st of July. As a result we are having a p**s up on the night @ the ramside. All the lads (plus a guest if anyone has any friends) are welcome. Kick off about 8.00. Pass the word around. Cheers 
8/5/2001 04:33 GMT  moxy!!!
Scotts bro seems like a tosser!!! and in response to jamesy, the yanks may be sh#*e, but would probably still turn over the colemans mustards!!!!a new sponser is needed!!! and more of lamby's velcro boots for the whole team. thats why a major signing is needed for next season!!! but i'll only sign on my terms!!!! im not standing like a t*sser on the sidelines, while the manager picks his favourites!!! a perfect left foot is a crime to waste, is it not!!!! especially when its on this double hard bastards foot!! p.s gypsy is pregnant!! hows that for being a lesbian then???? think its wills?? not slug thou!!  
7/5/2001 19:36 GMT  scotts bro
i did cum to afew games but u r sh.ite y shud i wast my time 2 see u bunch of tossers run around after a ball when u couldnt kick a ball 4 toffee. 
7/5/2001 16:36 GMT  Jamesy
I think we need to change the team name before next season, I've just read some of the match reports and I divint recognise any of the names - I thought I'd gone to the wrong web site! I also reckon we should get a transfer to a league over here cos these Yanks are all f#*king S*#te!!!!!! 
5/5/2001 21:50 GMT  s.theo
You mackums could not win a egg and spoon race!!!!!  
30/4/2001 14:30 GMT  wayne
well done lads, sounded like a good fight back. sorry that i could not turn up but i did a Tim,  
26/4/2001 20:53 GMT  Scott Bells Marra
If Scott's bro care's to turn up to a match when he gets a game youll see how much of a soft puff he really is. Maybe he might be better than the rest at Fifa 2000? at least when he gets shoved off the ball he can allways turn the machine off & start again or say give me my ball back im not playing. 
26/4/2001 09:32 GMT  wayne
Can i play right back or right midfield for the rest of the season? who got man of the match last nite? I cant believe that we did not score last nite!!! Someone tell Brett to open that zip on his mouth, he needs to command his area more. Lets try and finish these last three games with atleast one win i think we deserve it because we have been playing well recently.  
25/4/2001 08:35 GMT  scott bells bro
give scott a game hes alot better than u lot 
24/4/2001 17:50 GMT  Tony D
Maybe, Maybe but!!!!! not this wednesday as Dobson is not coming as he is working. Try on Saturday when Martin plays shi*e again he might get droped. 
24/4/2001 10:02 GMT  wayne
With the two Steves playing at the back does that mean i can push up the field? centre mid taking Martins place or even take lambys place up front!!!!!!!!. 
19/4/2001 15:35 GMT  Andy B
We've got some sized squad - and we can't even get ten to turn up for a kick aboot @ Ryhope. Even the manager doesn't bother!! 
18/4/2001 20:45 GMT  Tony D
Thanks for coming Andy!!!!!!!! 
18/4/2001 13:04 GMT  Andy B
I ben neebody sees this until after, but are we playing or training tonight - and where and when?? I know I should just ring Tony but I'm skint, i've just bought that motor. 
18/4/2001 07:59 GMT  Moxy
My contact no. is........first you have to find out the code for dailing australia...then its Blue Parrot Backpackers (02) 9356 4888, hope to hear from the lads soon!!! love moxy and darbs 
6/4/2001 04:15 GMT  dingo
Wally, me have your shorts nooooo!! i dont think i even got to wear the white kit!!!!, i have a blue pair though!! well done dez on your hat trick!!!(whats your new no.) tony keep up the sterling work on the web site!!! have a good result tommorrow (hopefully) tonight is friday im off on the lash, down the harbour then off to HOME niteclub, with aussie chicks, and ones a certain whack!! haha p.s me tan is coming on nicely, and the cock rot is fading!  
5/4/2001 21:29 GMT  the only 1 fan
also the web site could have a going over by changing rooms(Handy Andy would love to get his hands on this bombsite) 
5/4/2001 21:27 GMT  the only 1 fan
i used to be a fan of the team but after attending 4 games i was very dissapointed at they way u all play shi.t expesically that big gob captain of yours!!!!ps i will not attend anymore pps that right winger with bleached blonde hair has got some talent and potential  
5/4/2001 20:11 GMT  Tony D
Your not wrong there Wayne! 
5/4/2001 09:22 GMT  WAYNE
3/4/2001 15:25 GMT  Wally
Moxy, where's my bloody white shirts ya baggars!! We've only got 10 of the bastards and I know you and Adam have got one each. 
3/4/2001 08:35 GMT  blue
lads, madge has little time left, shes on her death bed, and is soon to pop her clogs! much to harolds dimay, as hes just booked a trip for two to paris! oh well tough sh**e harold! and joels still bonking flick 
2/4/2001 12:38 GMT  Andy B
Who are we playing on Wednesday?? 
1/4/2001 09:10 GMT  dorothy
Lads be on the look out for another footy pic, coming tony d's way!! and hopefully i wont look a fat twat!!! and ads has had a hair cut! instead of micheal knight he's now mitch buchanan  
30/3/2001 08:37 GMT  wayne
No its just the way he writes. believe me i go to college with him every day he just gets the pen and scribbles. 
29/3/2001 20:25 GMT  Tony D
Gummy actually signed on, on his form as Ram. By the way! 
29/3/2001 09:29 GMT  wayne
Gumys name is KAM not RAM 
28/3/2001 16:15 GMT  Web monster
Tony the websites getting better but you could pay attention more at the games then the write up's would be a lot more detailed. Before you say at least your there every week. i would be if i was s**king of the gaffers like u do 2 get time off. 
13/3/2001 16:23 GMT  wizard of oz
The wind was blowing lads!! honestly, but i have a beer belly of course, and a dose that makes me wish i was a woman!!!! but its hard to knock back the talent that oz has to offer, especially as brit backpacking birds are easy targets to damage!!!! plus me belly isn't as big as lambo!!!! whats happening to david/ricket/powner these days????? influential as ever on the wing??? and is Remero still shagging the dog???? 
5/3/2001 22:24 GMT  George W Bush
Looks like Jamesy is pi*#ing the player of the season vote - and he's in another continent! Doesn't say much for you guys! 
28/2/2001 20:03 GMT  Colemans Cabinets Fan Club
Dear Moxy, Colemans need you back from your international tour. As we had no subs for last sat you would have been a definate starter since Jamesey has followed in your footsteps & emigrated to the USA to see vinney mac for a job in the WWF as Stone Colds barman. Hey its a job you could doo. Colemans are looking for new sponsors, got any mates in oz up for it? not your rubbers niether. Call soon Wally.......... 
28/2/2001 04:39 GMT  Woodcock
How come you aint replying ?????? cheeky bastards!!! id sign on but i still wouldn't get a game even if there was only a squad of six!!! and four of them were amputees!!! love your austrilian export moxy!!!! 
26/2/2001 21:59 GMT  Tony D
Its about time we had somemore players coming to sign on. Just as we are about to storm up the League. Urgent news flash!!!!!!!!!!! Team line up for saturday........... For a change their will be more changes to our formation & players positions. Allen in goal, Lamb & Romero center halfs,Mason & Carbone full backs, Dunlop & Hearn centre mid, Dobson & Wilson outside Right/Left, & Wally & Powner up front.I Pi**d myself as well when Wally told me this line up. Roll on Saturday then. Oh Wayne i have deleted your entry which you some how sent twice. 
26/2/2001 15:54 GMT  wayne
don't ask me why it sent that message twice 
26/2/2001 15:52 GMT  wayne
possibly three new players coming on wednesday:- C.half, C.mid and forward all good players 
21/2/2001 13:12 GMT  Karl Kennedy
Jamesy couldn't hit the target if it was painted on wally's bumhole!!! and in goal thats not hard to miss!!! Moxy would have played a blinder on the flank given half the chance, but because of bad management decisions the most valuable play was left on the bench!!!! i mean a manager who leaves a left footer on the bench, and plays a right footer in the position that the left footer is more than cabable of filling has to be a f**kwit!!!! all those stories of winning tropheys in boston is bellocks!!!! p.s. say hello to dez and tony, and tim, miss you all!!!! wish you makem bestards were here!!!!, hope ths doesn't ruin me chances of playing next season!!! and u think im full of poo!!! well i may be drunk writing this but!!!! on the 24th of march im playing in front of a crowd of 3000 people in Parramatta stadium, before a NSL league game. (national soccer league). NSW police, against Fed police, im playing for the feds!! 
21/2/2001 11:37 GMT  Tim
We'll miss his bullsh*t patter as well ! 
20/2/2001 19:48 GMT  Wally
Come on lads, we must be strong. Losing Jamesy is a massive blow for us, he's been the player of the season so far, we'll miss his speed down the flanks, his tackling in defence and his pin-point passes from the midfield, not to mention his goal scoring powers. He'll be impossible to replace but we must fight on without him 
18/2/2001 19:53 GMT  Anne Robinson
Martin Romero - You are the weakest link - GOODBYE! 
13/2/2001 14:54 GMT  Alf Stewart
That martin romeo git!!! looks like a right fletcher!!!! i mean he gardens on an up hill gradient!! and as for him playing in your squad!!! well your manager must be a right old pillick!!!! and i think dez is a much better player, as well as forrest gump, jamesy cannot hit the broadside of a fat slack lass!!! remember the wardles games!!! p.s. gypsy is a dyke, alisa is dead, duncan is a twat!!! and flick from neighbous is nobbing joel!!! 
9/2/2001 14:27 GMT  Adolf Hitler
Was that a p**s take or what? 
6/2/2001 23:14 GMT  Norman Sharwood's
One must commend those chaps who have taken the time out to put together this entertaining and factual peice of technical mastery know as 'intheteam'.It is a great shame that I cannot extend those commendations to the endless successes of the team when on the pitch,however having explored your website, I really do hope that you can,as a team, achieve a well deserved 1 point when you do eventually play Jarrow Blind School (although I do think it would be an unfair advantage to yourselves if you played them away from their own home ground).Now you may be wondering why I am writing on your guest book. Well the truth is that me and my wife Connie , who are patrons of the International society of authentic condiments and accompaniments where exploring the internet for local convention news, when I came across something called 'intheteam...colemans'. Nautrally Connie and I, with our vast knowledge of condiments, pickles and sauces thought this was a rare opportunity for us both to join up with the supporters team club of the world famous original Colmans's of Norwich Co est 1814., the people who make mustard. Having just enjoyed a 12oz rump smothered in colmans Dijon with herbs, we were, yes you've got it' very excited.As you can imagine we were not too happy when we logged on to the site and realised that this was a football team and 'Colemans' were some sub standard, sub prime cabinet making outfit based in fire damaged lockup in Hetton Lyons Industrial Est.Our disillusionment was however prevailed by an amusing point in that we both failed to realise that Colemans was spelt wrongly to 'Colmans' of Colmans of Norwich Co, hence getting mixed up in the first place and wasting our time. !!.A waste of time it was not however. This and the fact that my wife laughted for several minutes at the imitation crotch on the chap in the team photograph, whom she described as 'lurch from the adams family' and stated 'that's got to be fake Norm, how on gods earth can a 14 year old be that large' to which I replied 'well he could have been skoffing too much of that Bengal Hot Mango Chutney with his Lhobia and Mushroom Bhajee's...Boom Boom'. We laughted for hours. It's a pleasure to see that some professional amusement has been added to a amateur teams wonderful website, and both Connie and I wish you all the best in staying above the relegation threshold. 
31/1/2001 14:37 GMT  The Web Master
If you want to spend the time and effort to create and input the match reports, then feel free to e-mail Coleman's. However, going by the standard of grammar and punctuation in your message, we would rather let Roly the dog do it. It takes a lot of dedication and committment to update the match reports week after week, but only a second to criticise them. You're such as girly nancy boy that you couldn't even give your real name ! I hope this clears things up. 
31/1/2001 12:14 GMT  One Game Wonder
The Match report is pants Channel 5 could do a better job. P.S. And not as many spelling mistakes as well 
14/1/2001 21:41 GMT  Leg overs
Don't listen to Tony - Graeme Souness recommended a good hot pumping sex session (with your respective partner - or in Martins case - his dog) as near to kick off time as possible in his Liverpool days. That's what youz lads should be doing then you might climb out of the bottom 3! 
13/1/2001 10:35 GMT  Moxy
Sorry lads, but before i go!! have to leave another message!! i bet you wished you had a decent left footer on your team at the mo, because not to rub it in!! me foot is in fine form, and me right is improving!!! still throwing the odd scorpian kick in as well, but leaving that to the practice games. Now if you are interested in my return in Nov 2001 season, if still going by then! i will considered a transfer, but you'll have to speak to the Oz Embassy to work out the relevant work permits. Also a signing on fee will have to be agreed along with a suitable dental plan! i feel that the international transfer will serve me well, and i shall of play good club level football.See you later, im off on the Cross to the World Famous love machine, to see a different display of class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
13/1/2001 10:12 GMT  Moxy
Hello you bunch of depressed looking footballers!!! (judging by the team photo) why the fek im i not in it!! after all the games i started last season!!!! Hope you are fighting the relegation battle well with fine courage and spirit!! Never guess who i was chatting to in me 5* hotel job!............... Mike Lordan, from Acxiom Ltd! the one who sacked colin macarfy, i told him that i use to play for them and i still have the strip if he wants it back! Serious now lads hope yous are doing alright!! me and the lads are entering a footy comp, as the blue parrots (name of hostel on the kings cross). Me seasons training with Balmain starts two weeks, and also entering a beach footy comp with appearences of Cantona and his bro, France V Aussies beach soccer at Manly beach!!! also still shagging aplenty whilst yous aren't! love moxy and darbyxxxxxxx 
12/1/2001 22:48 GMT  Tony D
Oh forgot to mention. No SEX tonight lads, especially you Wally, too many kids knocking about allready. 
12/1/2001 22:45 GMT  Tony D
So the time has come! Cup semi date which its a must win game for us all. What more of an incentive do we need, a cup final date with either Toddys or Federal Mougal. But first tomorrows game, a full croud will be exspected at Ryhope reclamation site with extra time needed if nesasary & pens. But we will do our best to win this match in normal time as long as Lamby & Derek keep on-side as we have linesmen keeping an eye on them & we all keep on encouraging eachother from start to finish. Shiney Row will be no push over, but we all know that going on our past couple of games our team spirit is lifted & can only mean one thing, a Victory. Haway lads lets get something out of this season. 
7/1/2001 22:11 GMT  Tim
C'mon lads !! If you're ever down our way we'll give you a game! Drop in on our site for more details: Good luck for the new year! 
6/1/2001 23:32 GMT  Clair Voyant
You're doooooomed !!!!!!!! destined for the bottom of the table (with Derek playing up front)  
6/1/2001 22:54 GMT  Baldy
Come on lads your on for a ten out of ten in defeats next week 
3/1/2001 12:49 GMT  Jamesey
Happy New year to all our supporters. Sorry we've been 100% crap so far this season, but its all about to change - I can feel it it my bones!!! 
30/12/2000 11:37 GMT  Tony D
Just informing club members that the Crimbo party is on at Ryhope Cricket Ground 13th jan from 7:30 till 11:00 & every Club member must turn up to support the Club. You must also bring with you £5.00s worth of drink for a raffel to raise money for the Club funds. Also you will be all given £5.00s worth of raffel tickets to sell for the night on Sat 6th jan when we play Low Fell. If you do not attend this event we will be asking you for a £10 donation as our sponsors are tight as F**k & have give us nowt all season. Thanks lads......Tony...... 
28/12/2000 22:56 GMT  S.Theobald
Why does no one write messages any more 
14/12/2000 11:56 GMT  Worst League in the world !!!!
In reply to the message below, what he fails to mention is that the "superior" Sunday League team play in a far sub-standard league than Coleman's. With scores of 5 or 10 each week it is clear that the standard of opposition can be compared with that of Jarrow Blind School. Anybody who plays in both leagues will testify to this. 
12/12/2000 22:50 GMT  Worst Scorers in the league !!!!
'Lamby' should always start at centre forward - none of this sweeper sh*t every other week. Just look at his record on a Sunday (when he plays for a real team). In total he has scored more goals than your full team by himself for a superior Sunday League team. The word is they've just sacked their manager and he is looking for a team to relegate - if you're interested in contacting him see one of his many sons. 
11/12/2000 21:51 GMT  The tiny island of mnm.
Aye aye fellas. Just wanted to say that that Dobson lad is a canny player. the way he minces around the park is reminicent of a young Justin Fashanu. Different colour though, obviously. And have u also noticed how his game improves dramatically when there are some ladies watching!! Strange that. 
11/12/2000 21:47 GMT  Camp David
Just a note to try to spur on the boyz to future success. come on fellas, I've just set the wheels in motion for a Crewe branch of the C.C.F.C supporters club. The future is bright. By the way, I'm wearing stillettos!!! 
30/11/2000 10:44 GMT  NITRAM
I'm the backwards boy. Your team look's crap, apart from the alarm fitter!!! 
29/11/2000 16:16 GMT  Muriel
Bu**er Off Tarts!! Keep your gossip for the playground!! 
29/11/2000 15:25 GMT  Lisa Clarke
That Wayne Davis is a right useless piece of crap!!!!  
29/11/2000 15:22 GMT  Kathryn Carr
I wouldn't mind a bit of that Wayne Davis but the package on Tim Hines is very impressive but i would suggest him investing in some bigger shorts!!!!! 
29/11/2000 15:20 GMT  Louise Chambers
that Wayne Davis is really sexy!!!!!!!!! 
21/11/2000 13:14 GMT  anon
Just wait another 5 months, then we'll see who's the best at the Stadium of S#ite 
20/11/2000 22:10 GMT  Disapointed Tony D
If anyone loged onto the website before this morning, would have seen a lot of Sunderland win 2-1's, as only Will,Tim & myself are the only ones able to delete anything on the site, i must say that i am most disapointed in either Will or Tim as one of them has Deleted the data on the front page & the Newcastle V Sunderland match report. As i have not took a copy of this entry i will try mybest to log them back in so that you all can have a good laugh at it. 
20/11/2000 10:54 GMT  SJ
15/11/2000 09:15 GMT  Tim Hines
Can I suggest that someone starts immediately picking out the stitching on the team shirts ? And I think we should remove all references to 'Crappy Cabinets' from our web-site. Any ideas for a new sponsor or a new team name ? 
13/11/2000 22:35 GMT  Re: Pitch fees from Colemans or lack of!
We have just been informed by Sunderland Council that Colemans are unable to pay our pitch fees for the season as they are experiencing some dificulties at the factory. ( Thanks goes out to Martin Romero ) So we will be asking all to contribute to the £210 we have to find before Dec 23rd.  
13/11/2000 22:30 GMT  Latest News on match!
After just getting off the phone from Wally, the league secatary has told us we cant have the game on the 2nd Dec called off as we have to give 1 months notice to do this. The game goes ahead so be prepared. Also some changes we have to make to accomadate our league even though they cant accomadate us. Sat comming we have a home match against The Club,not away to Roseberry Leisure. This is because Roseberry have to play a postponed game against Hebburn which means it takes priority over our game. Check the fixtures for new details. 
13/11/2000 21:37 GMT  Tony D Replying to Andy B
I had to think what i was doing on Dec 1st then i rememberd. Dereks sisters engagment as well, my cousin. I will still come and show my face especially were Beer is concerned. But lets remember lads we face The Club on the sat after Andys doo, who are top of the league & we dont want a repeat performance of myself do we. Unless someone orders a week of rain to get the game called off. Tell you what i will see wally to try & get the game called off through the league secatary. 
13/11/2000 10:41 GMT  Andy B
Sorry for the misuse of the Guestbook!! - see below 
13/11/2000 10:40 GMT  Andy B
To celebrate colemans recent superb form, i am putting on a p**s-up on December 1st at the Tunstall Lodge Hotel (Silksworth). All team members are invited (except those who have made other arrangements for that night - Derek & Tony). Actually its to celebrate my engagement - but any excuse for a few beers. Hopefully we might see Jamesy getting some practice in for his best-man speech by saying a few words. Hope to see you all there. 
8/11/2000 21:07 GMT  Tony The Captain...
As i am taking a good ear bashing about last saturday.I must speek up for myself, those people who dout my commitment to the team will be far warned to watch me go on saturday. Also just check out the amount of input i have done on this website. Will & Tim have the brains & i have the time. I will even keep a clean sheet as well as scoring a late winner. 
8/11/2000 12:21 GMT  Dunlop's Lawyer
Haway lads give him a bit of slack. He did inform the manager of his drunken state, therefore blame cannot be apportioned. The manager still decided to play him despite the knowledge that he was not fully fit. Unfortunately, unlike other areas of the field, in defence any frailties are magnified. If Tony had played up front on Saturday, nobody would have noticed. I do not believe that dropping Tony is the right answer. He is one of the teams better players and leaving him out will only result in a poorer team. He is very sorry and has apologised several times. Lets leave it at that and get on with the season. We need to be concentrating on 3 points rather than the constant slagging match that seems to dominate the dressing room. Thank you and good night. 
8/11/2000 10:14 GMT  Disgruntled player 2
Could not agree more! 
7/11/2000 18:27 GMT  Disgruntled player!
Dunlop. you were a disgrace to the team on saturday and should be striped of your captaincy of the club and it to be given to someone who gives one hundered % week in week out like William. your not even fit enought to tie the lads shoe laces. so be warned! 
5/11/2000 22:36 GMT  Softlad
4/11/2000 16:34 GMT  Top of the League 'Top House'
31/10/2000 12:28 GMT  Jamesey
Jesus Christ -I've forgotten what its like to get three points. Derek, I'd bring a warm tracksuit on saturday if I was you! and Tony, lay off those Burgers you fat git! 
31/10/2000 12:25 GMT  A Fan
R.I.P Colemans Cabinets - The football team are destined to go the same way as the factory 
24/10/2000 09:46 GMT  Witness to Factory Fire
Before I say anything, I want to make sure I get my Community Action Cash Reward and make sure I will remain anonymous. I was walking my dog near the Coleman's Cabinets factory in the early hours of Sunday morning. I heard some strange noises and decided to investigate - what I saw was absolutely disgusting. There was a greasy long haired man (who was sweating like a rapist) who was performing indecent acts on a dog. I couldn't tell what breed the dog was, but the shaggy haired man was calling him 'Floyd'. To make matters worse, whilst performing this indecent act, he was lighting fireworks and inserting them in places he shouldn't be ! Needless to say I was shocked and terrified. Being a fat ugly women (with a small amount of facial hair), I could tell I was in great danger, because he looked like the sort of sad lad who would be straight after me like a rat up a drain pipe. I moved away quietely and my final sight was the man firing a rocket through the letterbox (I think it was a firework, although it was a bit small so it was hard to tell!). I don't want to get anyone into trouble, but this sort of sick behaviour needs to be stopped. Please forward my reward asap. Cheers. 
23/10/2000 21:28 GMT  Northumbria Police
If anyone at the club has any information into the fire damage at Coleman's Cabinets Factory at Hetton Lyon's Industrial Est, in the early hours of sunday morning at 3.00am, we would be greatful for anyone to name names as it is a little bit of a coincident that the Cabinet Co. haven't seem to have paid your pitch fees for the full season. We are looking for someone who has long greasey hair & a liking to fireworks, as a number of rockets & bangers have been located at the Factory where the fire was started. Please contact the police incident desk on, 0191 4547555 stating ref. no. CC/F142A 
21/10/2000 16:52 GMT  Softlad & Baldy
This team needs new blood. Get in touch with the Theobald brothers !!!. 
17/10/2000 12:26 GMT  Scott Bell
Tony what's The crack With me not being in the team photo (not good enough 4 Ya) Signed super sub 
13/10/2000 20:44 GMT  Softlad
The Theobald brothers are looking for a team to play for and we would like to come and have a trial at your club. Please contact us !  
12/10/2000 16:49 GMT  Andy Tracey
Not a bad site slug but we will do better for the TOPHOUSE ! 
11/10/2000 18:58 GMT  UPHILL GARDENER
9 points in 10 games = RELEGATION FORM 
What a load of sh*t. If 'slug' Wills and 'dogy-cap' Dunlop concentrated on there game instead of this rubbish - you'd have a better/fitter team. 
11/10/2000 15:32 GMT  KEITH AT BRIDGE ST
6/10/2000 14:30 GMT  kevin: Tim's Agent
My client discussed the matter of being left out of the side on saturday with the manager at training on Wednesday night and he accepted the reasons given. He is now looking forward to winning the game on Saturday. 
6/10/2000 10:37 GMT  Tim H
Lads, please remember THIS IS A TEAM GAME. The manager is free to try any tactical changes he likes, and that includes dropping / playing anybody anywhere at anytime. If you don't agree with his decision then let your football do the talking. Lets give each other some encouragement instead of whinging and shouting at each other. We all know how good we can play when we play as a team. Lets go out on Saturday with a positive attitude and get a win. Come on Coleman's !!! 
5/10/2000 16:42 GMT  Robert Sole
As an outsider looking in, if the "Gifted blonde kid" wants to move on to a better club then go ahead and do it. "REMEMBER no one is bigger than COLEMANS" every one is replacable, even Hearn & Dunlop. See you saturday. 
4/10/2000 21:40 GMT  Powners Gimp
I confess that I am tims little gimp.Yes he does look like adam rickett and yes he is also a gay icon. Also he is crap at football.  
4/10/2000 12:00 GMT  kevin
As a fan of Colemans I feel it was a disgraceful decision by manager and captain to leave out the gifted young blonde kig who plays on the right hand side. He may have let himself down in the 'supposed' darby match but you will end up winning nothing if you leave out your star player. It was like W.Ham leaving out DiCanio, and like Dicanio if he does not play he may be forced to move to a better club. I understand there is a cup-tie on saturday and I believe the only way we will win is if he is reinstated. 
1/10/2000 20:35 GMT  New signing iminent
After watching the game on saturday at your place, i belive that your rightback who came off on saturday & the short centreback are conspireing against you's to make the team lose. If i was you, i would ditch them & ill step in because the Beckham kid was sh*te, plus the short di*k let them through very easily which could have been avoided. So i will be at the game on saturday against Hebburn Tavern if i can find the place.If the two of them do play on saturday watch out for them. 
28/9/2000 07:48 GMT  Caprice's Tits
COME ON BLUES - YA BAGGARS Wally, take Damien to the next match - he may be your lucky mascot, I don't think you've won since the last time you took him! 
25/9/2000 12:37 GMT  Harold Bishop, Erinsborough.
G'day fellas. I must take this opportunity to tell you about two chaps who recently wandered into the coffee shop. I was standing chatting to Madge when two guys entered wearing football shirts with 'Colemans Cabinets' across the chest. Both were quite tall and spoke with very strange accents, but I think they were mackems cos they smelt a bit. After buying a milkshake they sat down and I overheard them talking about how they had stolen the shirts from the club kit-bag before leaving the country. Needless to say, I was very shocked when I came across this web-site and saw that Mr. Hines has been wrongly accused of this terrible crime. He is innocent ! I hope this solves the mystery of the missing shirts and clears Tim of any allegations what so ever. 
25/9/2000 12:05 GMT  Jeremy Beadle
Please can you send in the video of Will's penalty, I though it was most amusing. The way he scuffed it and sent it trundling towards the post at 2 mph is well worth the £250 we pay for each clip. 
22/9/2000 16:36 GMT  Mrs Hines
A message to the manager of Coleman's Cabinets F.C. Over the past couple of months i have noticed a strange caracter change in our son Tim. I have found not one,but Two white football shirts belonging to the football team, which when i went to wash them smelt a little funny? I put two & two together after seeing the team photo on your very sucessful web site.As our Tim is not very well endowed, unlike his farther, he must have been saving them to stuff down his shorts for the team photo shoot.As a parent yourself i am sure you understand my discomfort in discovering this problem and would hope you do not make any comment to our Tim as he feels very embarrassed about the whole affair. Yours in hope Mrs Hines. P.S. Tim will return both shirts to you when no one is about. Thank You. 
22/9/2000 08:10 GMT  Caprice
Who's the tallest lad in the back row - the one with the big packet ? I'm after a new footballing boyfriend right now - ring me soon !!! 
22/9/2000 08:06 GMT  Ralph Lauren
Would the good looking stud in the front row of the team photo, second from the please contact me as I feel he has a future as a male model. 
15/9/2000 19:01 GMT  Softlad
I heard a rumour that Tony Dunlop is a transfer target for Lincoln City ?. 
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