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SMB triumph in first week of season!

Pete Wray  Monday, June 04, 2001  14:58 GMT

On a lovely sunny evening at Woughton, SMB kicked off their summer season last night.
Being the first games of the season, enthusiasm was high and we had a strong squad of 10 players to choose from.

The first game up saw us take on Scicon Remnants, and SMB started very well. Nothing spectacular, but good calm volleyball saw us take the 1st set quite comfortably. Despite several changes, the 2nd set was pretty much the same. SMB were never really under any pressure and again took the set. The third set was slightly different as Scicon came out fighting. 8 - 3 down at the change over things were not looking to good for SMB. Then Layne, deciding that blocking with his arms was for wimps, decided to block a powerful spike with his face. Broken sunglasses, blood everywhere and Layne bloodbinned. Still somehow we managed to get to set point to SMB and win the set for a 3 - 0 victory...............but hold on said Scicon, how can this be. We were 8 - 3 up............A quick recalculation by the ref (what did you say BDAS now stood for Layne) and the scorer and the set was indeed given to Scicon. The scorer had forgotten to change the scoresheet round when the teams changed ends. So the result was now 2 - 1 to SMB.

Our second game was against Silent Monkey, and was quite dull in comparison. With everybody playing well, it did not matter what combination was put on court. SMB cruised to a 3 - 0 victory.

I am sure we will have much harder games this season, but it was a good start from the team. Everyone played their part and it was good to see that right from the start we were playing calm and sensible volleyball.

A big thank-you to Rosemary for the sandwiches.

Team:- Layne, Simon, Gary, Stuart, Mark, Pete, Neil, Tess, Sabine and Gerlinde.


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