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Speedway At Keighley's Cougar Park ?

Ray Allen  Saturday, June 30, 2001  00:58 GMT

The plight of Keighley Cougars Rugby League Club has been highlighted in the local press. It seems pretty much certain that unless a benefactor emerges to inject capital into the Club then this West Yorkshire market town will loose a part of its identity and the neatly appointed Cougar Park Stadium will be closed. It really does appear that time is fast running down on the Cougars and their support are not best pleased that as Council Tax payers in the Bradford Metropolitan District with their thoughts that the Council
are far more supportive of Super League Bradford Bulls than their beloved Cougars but both clubs lie within the local authority district.

At ThisIsBradfordSpeedway the aim is to further the interests of Speedway in Bradford and its friends and supporters. So heres a thought ? has anyone out there considered the feesibility of Speedway at the Cougar Park Stadium. From my local knowledge the venue is just off the main Bradford-Keighley-Skipton by-pass. As you take a left at the roundabout to Bradford Cougar Park is surrounded by industrial and small retail and commercial buildings. Housing is approx 200-300 yards across a busy and noisey mainroad.

Phil Allen-visited Cougar Park recentley and brought back a favourable report of its condition,
and facilities. The opinion seemed to be that it would be possible to fit a circuit within the venue. Lets be fair anything must now be possible if theres the will to do it!...look at Cardiff and what was achieved in 5 days!.

So why not Speedway in Keighley ? Why not indeed heres why

1. It would provide another source of revenue for the Stadium-more users will aid viability.

2. Bradford Council openly support Speedway in the District and with Odsal seemingly lost to everyone would look favourabley on such a move.

3. The Stadium is fairly sensibley appointed and potential resident opposition should be minimal given the industrial/commercial usage of the surroundings and very busy/noisey main road.

4. Keighley RLFC would I believe be infavour of such a move if it helped Save the Club.

5. A Keighley Cougars Speedway team would draw support from within the Keighley community-they are quite passionate about their local identity and Cougars Speedway would capture the imagination of the locals.

6. Support from surrounding towns would be good..all the exiles from Bradford,Halifax, Wakefield,Leeds,Burnley-Nelson! would I believe swell the attendance figures.West Yorkshire is starved of Speedway and WANTS IT BACK!

7. TIBS thinks it would be a sensible business venture either for an existing promoter or a new promotion to the area. More so if the team ran in the Premier League with the promise of derby's v Hull, Shefield, etc....

8. So can it happen?.....well I have sowed a samll seed and to me ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE if theres the will to make it happen.

KEIGHLEY COUGARS SPEEDWAY TEAM ?...that kinda has a nice ring about it don't ya think. Lets just see if it gets further than TIBS.

Keep the Faith
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