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Exeter suffer injury setback

Dave Kirby  Tuesday, April 17, 2001  18:30 GMT

Falcons secure home victory- Dave Kirby reports from the County Ground Stadium

The SVR Falcons enjoyed a comfortable home victory over the rampant Reading Racers in another great Bank Holiday Monday clash at the County Ground. The Falcons however were somewhat hammered by a 60+ scoreline at Smallmead in the return leg with Mark Simmonds breaking his nose and attaining ligament damage after what lloked like a horrific crash into the track fence. Lawrence Hare who fell twice in the 1st leg due to a slack Regina chain also crashed out heavily and appears to have wrist damage. The Falcons take a 10 point deficit up to Smallmead in tonight's double header clash after a 50-40 scoreline.
Seemond Stephens was sharp out of the gate and in his usual form, with Bobby Eldridige taking a tumble in heat 1, only to regain some pride with a 5-1 with Stephens later in the meeting. Reading star Charlie Gjedde seemed to be in hot water when teh Referee was ordered to take a look at his rear tyre, however the outcome proved that the tyre he had been given had come of the rim and was part of a 'dody batch'. After changing his tyre he was never the same rider, clocking only 4 extra points after his well faught second place in heat 2. Shane Colvin was on excellent form for the Racrers on only his 4th competetive trip to South Devon, and Lawrence Hare also showed that he has gpt to grips with the large County Ground Circuit, flying out of the start on all occasions. 'Lol' only scored 4 points however but should have ended up with 10, after taking two tumbles when his Regina chain broke, a problem which has Plagued Lol for the last two meetings. Incidentally it looked as though the man himself had broken his collarbone or scafoid after a heavy 4th bend, 4th lap crash in front of Reading favourite Dave Mullett. David Osborne was unfortunae once again, scoring 0 on a track which does not suit him. It is a shame however taht the lad cannot seem to score as Mr Hill has, not for the first time, (Chris Courage @1999), has signed a rider who is not yet cut out for Premier League racing and if things continue will have to sign another reserve. Jason Prynne looked on good form and hopefully his form, with that of top scorer Mark Simmonds (14) and Mike Coles (14) can leak into the rest of the season.

S Stephens 8/10 Effort 95%
B Eldridge 8/10 Effort 75%
M Simmonds (Captain) 10/10 Effort 100%
L Hare 8/10 Effort 90%
M Coles 10/10 Effort 100%
J Prynne 7/10 Effort 80%
D Osbourne 0/10 Effort 15%

Attendance approximately: 2,500
Fastest Time: Paul Clews (Heat 12)
Rider of the meeting: Mark Simmonds & Paul Clews
Falcons thoughts, The Verdict: Good team display, unlucky Hare, Osbourne may go?

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