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Exeter Falcons David Kirby © Home Page

Exeter Falcons this week began their search for a new home with former mayor Barry McNamara urging: "Action needs to be taken and taken very, very quickly."
The speedway side were this week given one final season at their County Ground home after rugby club landlords Exeter Chiefs postponed plans to start developing the ground until November next year.
That leaves the Falcons in need of a new home from 2003, and long-time speedway supporter McNamara believes there is no time to waste.
He told Echo Sport: "What the Falcons need now is for people to work together.
"Seventeen months seems like a long time but if Colin Hill goes down the wrong track it could cost him many months.
"They need to form a small committee of people who have interests in other matters outside speedway, who can help raise funds for a new stadium.
"They also need to have some people who have a little bit of experience in council matters. I have been working closely with (Exeter City Council leader) Roy Slack and I would be more than happy to sit on such a committee."
McNamara himself admitted that the Westpoint arena near Clyst St Mary would be his favoured choice for a venue, saying: "Personally I would favour it because there are reasonable transport links out there and people are used to going out there for other events."
Westpoint — which this weekend stages the UK Supercross bonanza and hosts the Devon County Show each year — has relaxed its attitude somewhat since refusing to hold the first Bishopstock festival back in 1996.
Chief executive Mervyn Hosking said he would not have any major objections to the venue hosting the Falcons on a regular basis, but admitted he felt any such deal could be unlikely.
He said: "I would not be averse to the speedway being there but I am not sure where it could go.
"If anybody would like to come out here and make a suggestion as to where it could go I would be more than happy to listen to them.
"When I first read about the situation I thought about Westpoint, but I just don't see where it could go."
Other sites which have been suggested include the Haldon home of Exeter racecourse, Matford — close to the spiritual home of speedway in the city and already home to a cycle speedway track — and Newton Abbot racecourse.
McNamara summed up the feeling around the Falcons camp when he added: "Whatever happens we have got to maintain speedway in and around Exeter. We have had it here since 1929 and we can't afford to lose it now.
"It is a family sport unlike, for example, football which is more male-dominated, and it is important that we have families going to sport."
But even if a deal to take the Falcons to Westpoint seems a long way away at the moment, it is the venue which has he support of many of the Falcons' most dedicated fans, including supporters' club chairman Robin Playsted.
He said: "I think Westpoint would be ideal — it is a nice central point. I don't know what all the options are but I would put Westpoint ahead of Haldon and I don't think it would be right to have Exeter Speedway at Newton Abbot.
Fellow fan Dudley Rowe concurred, also describing Westpoint as "ideal" and adding: "It would not interfere with anybody and you could perhaps run a bus there from the city centre."
Club spokesman Tony Lethbridge said the Falcons had not ruled out any venue as yet, recalling: "The Western Winner grasstrack meeting used to be held on the land where Westpoint now is. We used to get terrific crowds up there."

Tonight's weather: Cold, dry, 1 degree celsius

Welcome to the unofficial Exeter Speedway web site compiled by Dave Kirby. The Exeter Falcons race at the County Ground Stadium on Mondays at 7:30pm and on Bank Holidays 11:00am

A view from an ExeterSVRFalcons supporter

Welcome to the unofficial Exeter Speedway web site. My name is David Kirby and I am an 18 year old Multimedia student from Newton Abbot, South Devon. I have been an Exeter Falcons supporter since I can remember and am situated on race nights in front of the start gate by the referees box, usually in a Wulf Sport jacket. My favourite rider is Craig Boyce I am a member of TEAM LEIGH LANHAM and ride an Aprilia EX125cc and have always been interested in Speedway through family connections- my father rode for the Long Eaton Invaders in the early 1970's whilst living in the Blackcountry,West Midlands.


Address: County Ground Stadium, Cowick Street, St. Thomas, Exeter, Devon EX2 9BQ
Telephone: 01392-251478
Fax: N/A
Hotline: 09068 800625 (All calls charged at 60p/minute)
Race Night: Monday
Start Time: 7:30pm

Track Length: 396 metres.
Track Record: 64.3 seconds.
Track Record Holder: Mark Loram (29th April 1996)
Parking: Supporters are advised to use public car parks at Exe Bridge due to parking restrictions around the stadium..
Facilities: Main grandstand on home straight..
Refreshments: Fast food outlets behind main grandstand, members bar.

Admission: Adults £8.50, Senior Citizens £4.00, Children under 16£3.
Programme: £1.50.

How To Get There: From all directions, exit the M5 junction 31 following A377 into Exeter along Alphington Road. Turn off at the first exit from roundabout. The track is a short walk away, taking first left and the first right into Sidewell Street.onto A30. Take first exit off A30 following A377 into Exeter along Alphington Road. Turn off at the first exit from roundabout into Cowick Street.

The County Ground Stadium
St Thomas, Exeter
Tel. (01392) 50956
Club Hotline: (0891) 800625

Race Night: Monday 7.30pm
Bank Holidays: 11.00am

Promoter: Colin Hill
Team Manager: Tony Lethbridge
Captain: Mark Simmonds

Admission Prices (2000)

Track Length.............396 metres
Track Record.........64.3 seconds
Record Holder..........Mark Loram
Date Set.............29th April 1996

Take the junction 31 turn off of the M5. This will loop into a dual carriageway.
Take the Alphington exit (also signed Exeter & Crediton) which leads down to a roundabout. Take the 3rd exit.
You should go through one set of junction traffic lights, then through another set (there's an entrance to a Sainsburys on the right).
Keep going straight and you will come to yet another set of traffic lights. To the right is the entrance to a Staples & B&Q.
The car park here is free and is relatively close to the stadium. I don't usually park there myself but I've never heard of any problems. It's about 5-10 minutes walk to the stadium.
Basically, as you come out of the car park, wander up to the traffic lights and you want to go across the road. You should actually be able to glimpse the stadium from this point anyway.
If you don't want to park her, you continue across the B&Q junction. Eventually you will go under a bridge. Keep going to another set of junction traffic lights.
At this point, there is retail car park to the left but the owners have put signs up warning that the car park is solely for use with the retail units - use it at your own risk!
There is the Haven Banks car park if you take the right at the same junction. I believe this is a pay car park (though it maybe free after 6pm as some are in Exeter) and is about 10 mins walk from the stadium.
Alternatively, if you're feeling lucky, go across this junction and you will come to the (in)famous Exe Bridges. Take the first left and enter Cowick Street. Go up here, under the railway bridge and there is a free car park on the right hand side (at the traffic lights naturally). This one is closest to the stadium out of them all. However it's not big & this one normally gets packed quickly so you need to get there early.
If you're coming by train, St Thomas is the nearest station, a mere 5 minutes walk. However, few trains stop here. The nearest mainline is St Davids. As you come out of the station, bear right and walk up past the shopping parade. Turn right and walk down Bonhay Road. Eventually you will come to Exe Bridges. Turn right and cross the bridge. Cowick Street is the one in front of you (eventually). The whole walk is about 20-25 minutes. There is a taxi rank outside at St Davids station. Thanks to Chris Bridges for directions.

Copyright David Kirby 2001 Exeter SVR FalconsThis site is produced for Speedway supporters everywhere and is away fan friendly.Thankyou for visiting.
Exeter Falcons David Kirby ©
County Ground Stadium, St Thomas
Exeter St Thomas
South Devon
EX29BQ Map
Phone: 01392 251478

Should the Falcon's try and sign an Elite League rider from 2001 to bolster our squad.?
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