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Will from Popidols  Saturday, February 09, 2002  20:38 GMT

Osemka win two cup matches in a row, both of them realllllly easily.

The first, two weeks ago, was against Cup new-boys Dynamo Dreadful. The name wasn't an ironic thing either. Dynamo Abysmal, Dynamo Pants, Dynamo Woeful or Dynamo Undisputed Truth would have been apt names for them. So you can imagine our great surprise when they took the lead inside the opening couple of minutes, some dood in acres of space down the right, swings a cross in where a bloke runs in unchallenged and heads home from not very far out.

Osemka then actually looked bothered and dominated, well, the rest of the match easily. Shots rained in from all angles(as did the rain), with I think possibly every ourfield player having an effort somewhere along the way(except I think Larry, but he was playing in the withdrawn role anyway). Any time the rubbish lot got forward, the back three of Chunky, Smitty and Bomber just launched it upfield to give our forwards something to do.

Tom levelled things up before half-time, notching his first for the club from around the penalty spot, sending their fat lad in his pijamas the wrong way(throwing him a pie the other side probably done it).

The second half was almost totally one way traffic, although we did have our moments of outrageous good fortune, notably when Bomber slightly mistimed a tackle and caught one of their blokes round the chest area with his foot, but Alex said that he got the ball(must have been in the first half). Larry went off injured shortly after, volleying the ball, only for his ankle to give way as he landed. Sean gave Osemka the lead shortly after half-time lobbing the ball over the keeper from on the goal by the edge of the box. Potsy then buried (ahem) number three having been generously given the ball by one of their blokes. We had lots of shots after that(Sean had most of them), but failed to add to the total. There was just enough time for Bomber to lose things a little bit after one of their blokes stood on him whilst he was getting up.

Bomber gets tackled very, very late. This happened the Thursday after the game...

The following week, we came up against our old foes Tony's - now calling themselves the Cowboys - and won possibly even more comfortably, 2-0. With lots of injuries (well, Haze and Bomber), Womble made his first start for ages in a back three. Cowboys - in an assortment of white t-shirts - had the first couple of efforts, with Nobbler having to save on a couple of occasions. Half-time, and 0-0, but Osemka clearly the better side.

Apparently, Wayne scored shortly after kick-off with a 35 yard thunderbolt, but I can only take everyone's word for this, as I had gone off to get a ball from the Toys'r'us car-park(which had already been thrown back), so I'll just have to agree with everyone. Well done Wayne.

More chances came and went before Greg wrapped things up, showing a predator's instinct following up Sean's blocked effort from six inches out. He dedicated his goal to Chunky, who came out before the match apparently.

Not a lot else happened, but, barring a freak set of results, Osemka will be in the Cup semi-final in a couple of weeks, where they will play FC Vendredi Soir, who we've never played before.
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