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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
29/8/2002 19:25 GMT  Szmig
29/8/2002 07:28 GMT  Rys 2 Szmig
27/8/2002 16:43 GMT  Szmig to Rys
Nothing's changed, I guess... 
27/8/2002 12:22 GMT  Rys
yes yes, eazy now, yes yes, eazy now, yes yes, eazy now, yes yes, eazy now 
27/8/2002 07:55 GMT  Bomber
Morning folks. Please note sundays game against Landor is an 11am kick-off. Anyone not available please could you let the relevant authorities know as soon as. Thank you for your cooperation. 
24/8/2002 21:53 GMT  Szmig
yo' momma. 
24/8/2002 20:55 GMT  womble
shup and go mind your kids. 
24/8/2002 20:39 GMT  Szmig to womble
well, I know one thing for's definately not because you've made a miraculous return to the first team.  
24/8/2002 16:20 GMT  womble
szmig does this not say something to you?...stay away! 
23/8/2002 23:11 GMT  chunky
i'm here for both games on the 8th. Is there a game this week or not? 
23/8/2002 18:09 GMT  Szmig
I leave for a few months, and now you're winning games? This is not right. Did we sign Bontcho? 
22/8/2002 20:38 GMT  Haze
I'm here the 8th then I'm leaving the country. 
22/8/2002 16:13 GMT  to captain/coach
wot we have a coach? how many seats? 
22/8/2002 14:46 GMT  Nobbler
I can play both on the 8th 
22/8/2002 13:53 GMT  Brian (The Erris)
Very few of us have played since May - you've got us at our weakest! Roll on the 8th  
22/8/2002 13:41 GMT  Captain/Coach
Ok lads. I will not be available for the match on 1st September because i will be in Ireland. Plus the matches on the 8th i may be coach that day if Kaptur don't turn up. But you can put me down as a playing sub Bomber. 
22/8/2002 13:10 GMT  Pete
I am available for this Sunday though!!  
22/8/2002 13:09 GMT  Pete
I won't be available on the 8th, along with Greg, Potsy, Hopson, Seb. As we are all in the lovely San Marino. Good luck with those matches. 
22/8/2002 13:03 GMT  Bomber
Could everyone who is available for the cup semi-final/UCL league game on the 8th September please advise on the website, or let myself or Smitty or Coach know NOW! As you may know, a whole load of the lads are off to San Marino v Poland, and I'm not sure how many we're gonna have for the 8th. Would be nicer to know now rather than scrambling round a couple of days before. Stuey should be back, and I'm fairly certain JK/Larry are available as well. Any others? Plus...womble, I think the Ash Utd game on Monday is already sold out, but if you are planning to go to that, let me know, as there is a slim chance I can get tickets... 
22/8/2002 11:36 GMT  Coach
Well done again lads. Superb win! Dont think much of Inter's comments on the game. Anyway, as you all know we have got Erris in the cup semi final on 8th September at 10 a.m. followed by Psychology- last league game at 1p.m. on the same day!! Make a note Bomber and Smitty. Lets get the full squad of 18 available for these two fixtures. It would be grand if we could finish the season on a high by winning all our remaining fixtures. 
22/8/2002 09:02 GMT  womble
dissapointing defeat but there blokey was well offside and as rightly pointed out a few times during the game by a few thousand fans, he was a w****r. anyhows im gonna go down to the cove game on saturday if anyones interested. im gonna head down at 11am from willesden. if interested give me a call. 
21/8/2002 12:51 GMT  morris (spartak)
top result on Sunday chaps. I notice Inter Sleeze weren't so impressed! Pity that, from our point of view, it will all have been in vain if Psychos can't beat them as well. They don't seem very optimistic. But cheers anyway & we'll see you for the winter league I hope... 
20/8/2002 16:21 GMT  AFC Wimbledon v Cove
To anyone who is thinking of going to this, it's £8 - get there early, as the capacity has been cut to just over 4,000 for the game, and they're expecting it to be sold out. 
20/8/2002 09:47 GMT  To Womble
19/8/2002 18:39 GMT  AFC Wombledon
Is anyone up for going to the afc wimbledon gamme on wednesday night, im probably gonna head down there quite early as tickets are gonna sell out fast, if anyone interested u should have my number, give me a bell.  
19/8/2002 00:30 GMT  Mr.T
Hey suckas... which foo' stole my milk? Pete's link means that this is the start of a new series of Mr.T versus (something). A few ideas for y'all: Mr.T versus the blokes in the docket. Mr.T versus sky pizza. Mr.T versus ...??? any more ideas? 
18/8/2002 16:35 GMT  Pete
Great stuff today lads. Andy B has been at work as well to help us with training check the link:  
18/8/2002 15:27 GMT  Bomber
Superb win today lads, was probably even better than last week. Off the bottom as well, replaced by UCL. And we found a football. Result! The Landor and UCL fixtures have changed AGAIN. We now play Landor on the 1st of September, and UCL on the 8th. This will change again no doubt, so I'll put more changes on tomorrow it stands there is no game next week. 
17/8/2002 16:23 GMT  Greg
I'll be the fat blokoe up front, that way you can go in goal ! 
16/8/2002 13:50 GMT  Nobbler
I vote Stu stays in GOAL YEHHH - FAT BLOKE UP FRONT !!!! 
16/8/2002 13:01 GMT  Mr August The 25th-Of-Hardy
DON, Day Off  
15/8/2002 20:08 GMT  Bomber
More fixture changes folks. Dynamo Landor game, which has shown moved more times than our defence, has moved yet again, it's now back on the 1st September at 11am. The UCL game the same day has now been moved to 8th September, and we now have no game on the 25th August. Quite what this all means is anyones guess. Frankly, I'm confused...will update website sometime before the games are played... 
15/8/2002 16:00 GMT  Coach
Congratulations Greig ! Another year wiser , me thinks. Middle age around the corner! OK. Now where's that pay per win bonus you've been talking and promising us all about?  
14/8/2002 15:00 GMT  The Crown
14/8/2002 09:49 GMT  Chairman
Party Reminder, this friday in the Crown ,8pm till whenever, drowning my sorrows for being a year older. 
14/8/2002 08:29 GMT  Legal Threat
Osemka have been threatened with legal action by the Prague Mayor. After lengthy investigations the recent flooding has been traced back to vomit blocking a storm drain, alleged to be approx. 4 months old. The Prague Mayor, Mr Poponeoff said "theese Engleesh peegs". If an Osemkan is found to have produced this vile mouth waste product the club could be sued for the cost of the clean up operation of the worst floods in over 500 years, this could be in excess of £25, this would leave the club bankrupt, especially as we now do not have the ITV digital money to rely on. A spokesman for the club said "Vomit, whats all that about then? We were never in Prague, there is no photographic evidence of the event in fact we were all at home drinking hot chocolate and ovaltine every night for the whole of our lives and anybody that says different i'll cut them"  
13/8/2002 19:18 GMT  Salman Rushdie
Hi, need a physio ?  
13/8/2002 15:49 GMT  Battersea Dogs Homes
Chunky has escaped 
13/8/2002 12:15 GMT  zookeeper
large whale escaped - answers to the name chunky, if anyone sees this beast please contact us immediately - caution dangerous when hungry. 
13/8/2002 08:26 GMT  Season
Chunky back, well thats me over with! 
12/8/2002 23:40 GMT  chunky
guess who's back, back again, chunky's back, tell a friend. And raring to go! Translated that means that I'm available for Sunday. 
12/8/2002 20:17 GMT  Motty
Well. It's out of our hands now as to whether we qualify for the cup semis or not. The only realistic(chortle) result that will deny us a place in our second consecutive semi is if Spartak beat Barhale Warriors by six clear goals next sunday. There are no chickens being counted here at all. 
12/8/2002 17:50 GMT  0
Yeah, but i was robbed. 
12/8/2002 16:19 GMT  5
12/8/2002 13:14 GMT  Captain
Brilliant yesterday lads!!! Everyone was great. Althought i am wondering why Charlie George's 1971 FA Cup Final celebration was not put on the choices in the "best celebration" poll. It was much better than that diving Nazi who played for T*******m Hotsh*t. 
12/8/2002 11:01 GMT  Whats
that all about then? 5-0 how did that happen? Whats that all about? 
12/8/2002 10:46 GMT  Bomber
Yeah, sorry about that Paul. Don't worry, we'll try and do you some favours against Inter Sleeze on sunday... 
12/8/2002 09:30 GMT  Morris (Spartak)
congratulations on yesterday's result! A thumping win. (Which, unfortunately, has almost certainly ended our season!)  
12/8/2002 08:07 GMT  Coach
Heard about the result from Greig. 5-0 !! Quality performance. Great stuff lads, shame it was in the cup. JK on the scoresheet, that must have been a sight for sore eyes. Brilliant ! Now lets hope we can do the same against Inter Sleeze and in the remaining fixtures. Well done!  
12/8/2002 07:39 GMT  Stu
Yeah, Sam my Border Collie isn't available either, he is holidaying in Chesham. 
11/8/2002 19:33 GMT  Bomber
Blinding lads, utterly superb today. 5-0, should/could have been about 10, and still gave Stu enough to do to make it worth his while getting out of bed. Great stuff. Anyway, next week, Inter Sleeze, noon kick-off. Hurrah, a lie-in. Now, whose available? I know Mr Estabrook is off to foreign climes with his missus(well, I assume it's his missus) and the rugrats in tow. Anyone else not available? 
11/8/2002 11:59 GMT  hello
dynamo landor fixture been moved once again 
9/8/2002 22:59 GMT  Docket
Szmig, ha ha! 
9/8/2002 19:28 GMT  Szmig
Docket. Ha. 
9/8/2002 13:23 GMT  Bomber
Just had a phone call from the league. Apparently, the changing rooms at Whitefield School were flooded the other night(apparently it rained?). There is a 75% chance that they won't be available on Sunday. It doesn't affect the pitches, so that's ok. So either turn up kitted out, or get changed by the side of the pitch(doesn't normally effect us, but thought I'd best let you all know). Those out tonight, I'll see you there, those not, remember it's a ten am start again... 
8/8/2002 21:02 GMT  tsre namufa
ken tali ufa mai 
8/8/2002 19:24 GMT  LITTLE TRIG
8/8/2002 18:25 GMT  Van Gogh
It wasn't me, it was salvador dali, He's the nutcase ...... 
7/8/2002 14:49 GMT  stu
5.9 for artistic impression.....(i thought you were Van Gogh !! ha ha) 
7/8/2002 13:04 GMT  Bomber
Can I just point out that the picture in question was for a tackle that took place in March. The game actually was played the previous September. Not saying it was late or anything... 
7/8/2002 11:57 GMT  Stu - to World
Look at my profile for shock truth about a member of our team and his shock diving tactics........i am ashamed to be an Osemkan............ 
7/8/2002 11:29 GMT  Stu - to Alex
You don't need a holiday, you've done nothing on Sundays mornings for years now. A word of warning, don't go laying on any beaches out in the Algarve, there may be Japanese trawlers with harpoons lurking !!!!! have a good one. 
7/8/2002 09:09 GMT  Alex. Referee
Hi lads,Im off on holiday tommorow,so on sunday another ref will take over from me for 2 weeks.Don't shed any tears now :-) I'LL BE BACK.Yours In Sport.Alex 
6/8/2002 09:02 GMT  Pete
Seany is havin his birthday drinks on Friday. The traditional Docket Crown experience will commence from approx 8pm. any questions call sean! ABA 
5/8/2002 07:46 GMT  Little Gimp
Come on i'll take you all on, i'll cut ya, i'm gonna cut ya, all of ya. It's not my fault i loook like Ashley out of Coronation Street alright. 
4/8/2002 20:07 GMT  Bomber
Well that was fun wasn't it folks? Anyway, can we have those available or otherwise let us know please. I know Nobblers out, so Stu's gonna be on picking-ball-out-of-net duty next week. Various other people told me they couuldn't play, but I can't remember who any of you were. It's against Hampstead, and surely we can't be as bad as we were last time against them. Oh, and set your alarm clocks, it's a 10 am start(I'm setting off now...) 
2/8/2002 13:04 GMT  Bomber
It's either Haze or Tom - I will find out...cheers... 
2/8/2002 08:17 GMT  Pete to Bomber
From the rumours I have heard Haze has got the kit. Is he coming down on sunday??? 
1/8/2002 16:24 GMT  Concerned
Oh dear, we're in trouble. FCUK are on the warpath. Maybe we should cancel the game and let them simmer down a bit. Shame about their league position. Ha ! Ha !They have no chance of winning it. Lets throw a spanner in their works, by not turning up. 3-0 sounds ok. In any case their all tossers and they cant even spell F**k. Well they should **** off !! They dont even have a pucker website. Useless gits !  
1/8/2002 08:35 GMT  To FCUK
u lot r kak. 
1/8/2002 07:41 GMT  To FCUK
Yep, you probably will.... 
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