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Tracey Defiant-'It Won't Be Me Who Goes!'

Rivaldo  Wednesday, May 29, 2002  09:08 GMT

Tracey has angrily defended his corner.

Chesney's Hawkes player/manager James Tracey has issued a stark warning to the rebel players who are starting a 'Tracey Out' campaign, '"The only people who will leave are the troublemakers."
Tracey has spoken out after an orchastrated campaign has started to unsettle the squad and push Tracey into quitting the team.
"I'm going nowhere" Tracey said defiantly."The team is doing well, results are good, so I have no reason to quit. If certain players aren't happy that I play there is a simple solution, they can go. I'm not scared of leaving them out and playing other people who are more commited and honest. I won't be hounded out, and I am here to stay. This is my final warning to the trouble makers, quit or they will be booted out. I know who they are."
The campaign has started on the club message board and has been directed at Tracey, claiming he isn;t good enough to play every week.
"I've never said I am the best player, but I've organised this, paid out of my own pocket to register this team, and arrange this every week, why now should other people think they can boot me out and do it themselves? Well I know the answer, and it isn't me who will be leaving."
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