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Summary of 2001 AGM

Jim Nicholson  Friday, October 26, 2001  14:33 GMT

The EUSCC AGM for 2001 was held at Peffermill on the 25th October. The good turn-out
of 15 members were disappointed that the vast trays of sandwiches in the bar were not
for them - but they were cheered up later on when Dave's last act as the out-going
treasurer was to order pizza for everyone!

All the main post-holders gave their reports of the past season, before the elections
for all the posts were considered. Many people were happy to continue in their present
role for the club with Paul and Paul continuing to lead the weekend side, Paul E
remaining as secretary (much to everyone's pleasure) and the web-site manager being
happy to carry on. Hamish remains as the club president. Dave F is leaving Edinburgh
and so Richard took over the post of treasurer, the Pauls are joined in a weekend
selection committee by Chris and Nick L and the organisation and captaincy of the
midweek team was handed over to Chris, with Nick M as his vice-captain and Martin
and Ewen helping with selection.

The usual discussions about fixtures, teas, nets, kit etc... ensued - Paul E and Hamish
both seemed to leave the meeting with long lists of things to follow up. The main
change ear-marked for next season is a reduction in the amount of mid-week matches
(after the disappointing turn-outs, from both EUSCC and opposition teams, this last
season). Instead of 2 games every week, next season will see a single
"competetive-friendly" (?) each week against the likes of Scottish Widows, Drummond
etc... and either an intra-university (or even intra-club) friendly or a net session. It
was hoped that the net sessions would be more regular, bettered structured and more
popular than in past seasons - this will partly be dependent on the possible
improvement in facilities.

The final point for discussion on the minutes was the award of the "Stump of the Year".
This award was originally for the most amusing comment made during the course of
the season but has tended more recently to include any act of gross stupidity. Nick L
and Paul D both were nominated a number of times for a variety of outbursts and
foolish acts - but the award eventually went to the captain of the Old Contemptibles
weekend side who thought that Paul E should wear a helmet while batting in accordance
with the league's regulations for those under 18. I am reliably informed that Paul in fact
celebrated his 18th birthday a considerable number of years ago!

Please keep an eye on the web-site over the winter for any pieces of news or information
that may be useful to club members. The club's indoor nets will be starting up next
March (in addition to the open nets that run every Sunday through the winter) so pleae
check for those details in plenty of time. And can I ask that if anyone moves or changes
their email address or telephone number - please could they let me know so that the
club's record can be updated.
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