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Awards Ceremony

Wiggy  Thursday, June 13, 2002  09:44 GMT

Awards Ceremony, 10 May 2002



Manager's Player of the Year Caroline 'twinkle toes'' Oyedepo Brilliant performances in several games
Player's Player of the Year Kamila 'blazing siren' Cormack Solid, at heart of defence
Most Improved Player Rachel 'smiley' Pearson Developed in leaps and bounds
Lifetime Achievement 1 Captain Karen 'Teach' Duke Wicked speed and mean tackler
Lifetime Achievement 2 Jackie 'old woman' McDonald 5 years club service, 24 magic goals, never booked
Best Newcomer Kath 'dribbles' Williams Sheer skill
Clubperson of the Year Kamila 'blazing siren' Cormack Excellent organiser, filofax always at the ready

 Other awards

Best 'Well run!' player Liz 'fag ash' Stokes Matches the fastest strikers in any team, best lungs
Best assured player Kath 'saggy' Sadler Simple passes out of defence
Recepient of Manager's worst decision Rachel 'survivor' Pearson Close to heart failure, moved to left wing to put in early crosses on the run
Best crosser Sal 'minicookie' Cook Excellent ball curler
Best ever miss Jackie 'nearly' McDonald Shot straight at the keeper with the power of a mouse
Best attendee Caroline 'ballerina' Oyedepo Played in all but 1.5 games
Best non-receiver of any award Tina 'I should be so lucky' Jones

Unlucky not to win anything all season

News: Captain Karen Duke announced her early retirement from B&W LFC and the beautiful game. This came as a shock to some, an excellent player and role model, she will be sorely missed. We wish her well in all her future endeavours. Many a forward has been on the receiving end of a firm and goal saving tackle from Karen. It has only been her speed and determination that has stopped us conceding more goals. She is famous for her ability to shout at her players, and the screams of "go on, have a shot" will stay with us all for some time. 

Jackie's well publicised retirement culminated in a choking, heart-rendering, slurry? acceptance speech at the Awards Ceremony where she scooped up 4 awards. The old woman started in defence at B&W LFC in 1997, moved into midfield for a couple of seasons and then upfront in her last. Her very successful striker's stint ended on an all time high, breaking club records (and hearts ;) along the way. Player of the last and 2 other matches, scorer of 24 seasonal goals and getting drunk before anyone else is truly a hard act to follow. So we really must wish Tash well in stepping into the famous size 6 shoes -don't worry, we're all behind you. Jackie McDonald has been a fine ambassador of football for this and her other clubs, possessing tremendous skill and a great personality on and off the pitch, she will be greatly missed as a player by all at Bristol & West LFC.

News just in: It appears that Jackie will return to occasionally run the line, so those thinking that they had heard the last of her thunderous commands followed by the mellow sound of creaking knees should not relax on their laurels just yet.

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