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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
8/7/2002 10:43 GMT  WWW
Dear Jackie, Individual permissions required to have proper photos. Best to raise this at the AGM on the 17th. But easily done with a digital camera of MY choosing ;) thank you very much. 
6/7/2002 20:39 GMT  jackie
dear www, should we/you have proper photos on our profiles to make us look professional like the academy lot? 
3/7/2002 14:38 GMT  WWW
dear wfa player- your website link has been added, and a good one it is too. A reciprocation will be appreciated. many thanks. 
2/7/2002 19:47 GMT  jackie
Don't forget, training on Weds 6.30 at coombe dingle. All new players welcome and that includes you Hannah! Drive into the car park and meet outside the pavillion, otherwise, leave your email address and I will contact you 
2/7/2002 17:36 GMT  wfa player
please link the national womens football academy site to yours please the address is 
28/6/2002 14:17 GMT  Hannah
Hi, i'm looking for a team to join in the Bristol area but there is just too many to choose from!! I was wondering if you could give me info on teams such as yourselves and all the other teams that are in Bristol. Look forward to your reply. Great Site!! 
26/4/2002 18:32 GMT  Jackie
Now, lets get a few things straight. Washing and ironing on a Sunday..never, that is a Saturday job! Cazza aka WWW aka Ballerina aka hair flick, you definatly have an identity problem. Then my powers of deduction tell me that you are pretty mad if you have a rose bush in your bedroom. Anyway, Mr McD is just glad that he will be able to sleep on a Sunday night without me yelling "ooch" and "arrgh" every time I turn over. As for shouting at you Caz, well I can still do that from the side, loudly! 
26/4/2002 12:35 GMT  Ballerina
Dear Kam & Jacs- just to let you know that my sleeping pattern is back to normal. No longer do I sit bolt upright in the middle of Saturday night and rush to get ‘goal side!’ of the rose bush, only to have to 'jog it back' seconds later. Thanks for all your yelling. Think I'm a better (schizophrenic) player now. I’ll miss you up front Jacs, you made quite a racket. Oh nearly forgot, my hearing’s back too! 
24/4/2002 09:47 GMT  Annette
Yea, thought you might forget, good thing i jogged your memory eh. As your gonna be on the sidelines you could have my Becks ready for the final whistle. Glad to hear you are staying involved, don't wanna be stuck doing the washing and ironing of a Sunday afternoon. 
23/4/2002 18:45 GMT  jackie
My round? must be my brain that is going as well! Will still be on the sidelines next year, probably with a flag in my hand 
22/4/2002 15:06 GMT  Annette Jones
Ooops, i mean't good luck with summer training. You see that's what happens when rush these things cos your at work and don't want your boss to see. Anyway see you soon. 
22/4/2002 14:58 GMT  Annette Jones (Gloucester Athletic)
Hi ladies, just wanted to congratulate you on you efforts this season and to say that it was great playing you again. Good luck with summer season and we all look forward to seeing you soon. Jackie, sorry to hear of your retirement, i hope we will see you at some point next season, besides it's your round remember. 
17/4/2002 14:55 GMT  UBWFC
We think your match report is very unfair and over the top. The ref found nothing wrong with our play and what is this crap about raised fists?? You gave away as many free kicks as us and the only person cautioned during the match was one of your supporters!! We won the league and the match by playing the better football not by violence as you imply.  
22/3/2002 21:13 GMT  Ian Taylor (Glos Greyhounds)
Great site ladies. See you again next season. 
19/3/2002 20:31 GMT  Gerry MacRae
Great site. Enjoyed reading match reports. 
21/2/2002 21:18 GMT  Wiggy Wonder
Yes, Ontario, Canada. Its not only my toes that twinkle you know! 
11/2/2002 20:18 GMT  Old woman
Wiggy, we've got an invite to Peterborough, do you know where that is? 
11/2/2002 18:09 GMT  Peterborough Ladies Reserves
Hi there everyone, hope you are enjoying your football. Good site. At present the Reserves are building up their site, please bear with us. Would you like a friendly match? 
6/2/2002 04:54 GMT  Mitchell
Have Fun and Good Luck on the football {soccer} field . Keep up the great work of promoting ladies football. Do any of your players know any football cheers I could post on my football website ? thanks, Mitchell 
22/1/2002 14:58 GMT  Wiggy (the website wonder)
Dear readers, thank you for visiting our web site. Your comments and suggestions for anything else that you would like to see on these pages are welcome. Please write to 'Dear Wiggy' using the club email address: or post a message here. Thanks. www 
21/1/2002 10:40 GMT  Lisa (UBWFC)
Hi, I was wondering if you could put us on your links page and I'll return the favour and put you on our links. Our address is Thanx. 
3/1/2002 22:43 GMT  Clare (Ossett Albion LFC)
Hi just come across your site whilst compiling a link page, we have added your team on the full list of intheteam ladies sites, it would be great if you could return the favour and stick us on your links its: all the best for the season. 
19/12/2001 12:31 GMT  Fag Ash
Great work Caroline. Its good to see it up & running & so pleased to see you found such a flattering picture for me (i look forward to thanking you for that when i see you in january) 
17/12/2001 19:11 GMT  STEPH
8/12/2001 14:13 GMT  wakefield ladies fc
hello...great site..please could you add us to your links and we'll do the same? cheers. ps. good luck for the rest of the season 
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