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Simon Shipwright  Wednesday, August 14, 2002  16:56 GMT

Sad Bad Mad v Hot Shot v Cranfield

Team : Caz, Llinos, Tess, Pete, Simon, Stuart H & Stuart R

A home match for us and once more we had loads of complimentary comments about our net and facilities, NOT. As is the custom we got to play first and last. In the first game we played Hot shots who only needed to win one more set to win the league for definite. We decided that it would be fun to make them sweat and win our three sets. We started really well with Stuart R leaping to the front in the MotM race. First a awesome block, followed next point, by a super cross court hit. 8 - 2 up and cruising. 8 -10 down and we finally manage to get out of that rotation, confidence down, along with heads and voices and we succumb to a defeat.
Now Hot Shots had won the league it was showboat time for them. Although we did put up a bit of a fight and we didn't want to look like a team playing the Harlem Globetrotters, again we lost. Final set and again we lost, this time without too match of a fight.

Hot Shots went on to beat Cranfield 3 - 0.

Tess had gone home and we took on Cranfield with just the six of us. We then proceeded to play volleyball the way it should be played and amazed ourselves by winning 15 - 5. Now we had discovered that it was Tess causing all the problems in the team we could move forward. Next set we realised it was just a fluke and nothing to do with Tess as we got beat by a similar margin. Last set of the season could we win it? Nope we couldn't. The last point of the last set of the last game of the season summed it all up as a dolly of a serve landed between two of our players who were both looking at each other.

MotM early pace setter Stuart R faded from just after the start, leaving Llinos the eventually winner, for not only playing well, but for providing top notch food and in such abundance that not even the 30 odd locusts from Cranfield could eat it all.

Once BDAS have finished their games, the two captains should arrange an end of season drink-up to compare silverware.
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