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Breaking Wind

Lionel Blair  Sunday, March 10, 2002  17:36 GMT

Saturday was hardly a day of good footballing weather but deep within the Warwickshire countryside there was a cup match that needed to be played. The Mighty Revolution , still buzzing after their electrical display against Campden last Saturday were to face Campden again in the Double D challenge cup.

The Ilmington manager was confident with last weeks team selection and kept the same starting 11. Lord William of Haines, Ricardo ‘Montalban’ James’ and Ian ‘finger injury’ Lythall made up the substitutes. There was some doubt whether H Jolly would start, particularly as the wind picked up. However, a few carefully placed pegs and he was made playable.

The game kicked off in a farcical manner – many overhit passes and missed headers and tackles by both teams. The wind causing havoc to both teams. The Revolution played the better football with the midfield using the width well and both forwards ‘Brasseye’ and ‘Herman’ making the most of some difficult chances. The majority of the play was kept wide often pushing the midfield generals ‘Packet bottleship’ and ‘Bill Sellers’ out of their usual positions. They adapted well and both ran and played HARD. The defence worked hard but had very little to cause them problems in the first half. ‘Gazza Betts’ was rarely troubled and ‘Burger’ and ‘White’ were on hand to protect his area. The central defence pairing of ‘James Ron Bill’ and ‘Jack Fishton’ shouted a lot and hoofed the ball a lot. The closest chance or effort was ‘Bill Seller’s’ miss hit 30 yarder – nice try. After a number of further missed opportunities and lots of bad wind, the Rev were ready for halftime.

The second half started poorly for the Revolution, they did not continue their dominance and the ball was in the Ilmington half for quite a while. When they did attack – chances were hard due to the conditions. The black and blue army played well together and made many chances that would on another day have led to a lot of goals. The only goal of the game came shortly after an Ilmington substitution. James came on for Jolly, James who was still thinking about his ‘lady’ from Friday took one too many touches – Campden had more men forward than Ilmington had defending and an inbred crept in to head the ball past ‘Gazza’. Although there was about 38 minutes left the ref blew for time. There were numerous other chances but they aren’t that interesting really.
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