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The Final Countdown

Thespian actor Brian Blessed  Saturday, March 02, 2002  18:13 GMT

The biggest game in Ilmington's history had been in doubt this week but you would not have wanted to cancel this performance.

With John Ryan Gill's penalty miss against Alcester Lions a distant memory the Revolution were prepared to do battle and make the way to Masons road. A changed Ilmington side due to various hand injuries and other problems meant JRG, the manager and penalty misser against Alcester Lions had a selection headache. Due to the importance of the game it meant Linesmen were called in - resulting in Ian 'sarcastic' Lythall to take up the role of bench warmer.

With Brassington and Shermanator back together up front and JRG slipping into centre back the revolution were determined to get a result. Jono '60 mins - utiliy player' Wright was to player at right back just behind the 'beadle handed' Jolly.

Ilmington were but under pressure from the start and the defence were called upon early to clear their lines , although conditions were difficult they rose to the challenge. JRG and Bish solid in the centre and Jono Wright and Burgin using the wings nicely. The game was halted when Jono Wright got mud in his eye after a heroic header. After this incident the midfield picked up and the football was really nice. MRG (not the penalty misser) was solid in the middle and played nicely with Sallis and Petty who ran about a lot. Shermanator and Brassington both made good oportunities but the Fat Goalie kept them out. Harry Jolly also came close but opted to hoof the ball skyward.

The first goal came against the run of play when James Bishton tried to kiss a Campden forward resulting in a free kick. Darren Betts got stuck in the mud and the jammy inbreds took the lead.

Ilmington reacted quickly and from a corner the Shermanator powered home a head.m 1-1 EAT MY GOAL. Almost immediately Brassington was taken down - penalty. JRG stepped up - remembering he missed earlier in the season - but this time he slotted it home , much to the delight of the Rev, the crowd and myself (up the Revolution).

Then it was halftime - a brief chat, some water and back out again.

Revolution came out guns blazing - and within minutes it was 3-1. MRG the hotheaded and somewhat smaller brother managed to direct the ball home from 2 yards - Hurrah. Before I could say 'Flash Gordon' it was 4-1 a great left footed toe poke from Steve Brassington. Now the boys were really motoring - after many negative comments on and off the pitch Jono Wright tackled one of the ginger Campden lads and went on a mazy dribble - he beat a player or two before being felled in the box. JRG still nervous from his Alcester Lions missed opted to give the penalty to Wright. Wright opted to place the ball instead of twat it and it was saved by the large goalkeeper. Further chances came at either end but it was Campden who scored next. A handball (dubious) by JRG gave the inbreds a penalty. This was converted but that was the most the yokels could muster. Ilmington remained strong and booked their place in the final. Gaz Banner (sub for H Jolly) had some nifty touches too although he was shouted at alot. Good luck in the final lads I'm going to ask Dame Judy and Jack Dee to come along to Mason's Road.

My only advice to you lads is to calm down and enjoy your success. It has been proven before arguments in teams = defeat, and defeat means not winning or even worse losing.

By the way I do like your cd it is jolly entertaining.
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