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Ilmington sticker album meets set backs

Panini stickers  Saturday, March 02, 2002  17:39 GMT

Further confusion and problems have caused the Ilmington Revolution sticker album for 2001/2002 to be put back. A number of problems have arisen and meant many of the pages and information need to be reprinted. The main problem lies with players Jono Wright, Ian Lythall (we use player in the widest possible sense) and Garry Banner. Jono Wright a midfielder by trade is consistently being played out of position - this causing problems as we only have a small section to fill in. Would it be possible for the manager to make a decision so we can speed up the adhesive process.

Secondly Ian Lythall who was known to fill the role of linesman and occasional sub has recently taken on the role of 'negative supporter' we don't actually cater for this in the album so can it be sorted.

Finally Gaz Banner - we need to know what car he will be driving or crashing so we can prepare the men and motors style middle page.

By the way the Jono Openshaw shower sticker has been changed as it would require to many stickers. The scratch and sniff idea has been abandoned - you did not tell us that Rich James played for you!!
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