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Nolan deal not sorted

Adam Bell  Friday, June 01, 2001  09:06 GMT

Jim Jefferies says that Ian Nolan has been released by City but the club will sit down and thrash out a deal with him if he can not find a club.
The City boss has been quick to set the record straight after Nolan demanded an apology from the club after claiming that he found out that City were releasing him via Teletext.
Jefferies revealed this was not the case and he explained: "The Ian Nolan situation was a simple one and is no big deal. We had a chat after the Middlesbrough game and I told him that he would not be my first choice next season but that he had shown a good attitude and he could stay and be part of the squad if he wanted to.
"As far as I was concerned he was out of contract and I was giving him the option to go and find himself a new club, or to stay and be part of the squad here next season."
The confusion arose when City sent a recorded delivery letter to his house in Leeds - only to learn that he had moved house.
Jefferies continued: "We sent the letter explaining that he had been released and that we would offer him a new deal if he could not get fixed up to the address on his contract. But he has moved.
"But Ian was aware of the situation and all he had to do was pick up the phone.
"It is up to him whether he stays next season, but we will sit down and talk with him when he returns from international duty with Northern Ireland."

Picture: Nolan set for more talks

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