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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
5/6/2001 02:18 GMT  Jason Trowill
Adam Im sorry there was a problem with the digital camera on Sunday so I couldnt do the Photo's of the Ladies team. Hopefully it will be done this week sometime. They are all up for it so it shouldnt be too long. Cheers Jason Ellerslie AFC 
4/6/2001 15:26 GMT  IC TILL I DIE
adam has shafted the team weh!! why shaft weh?? doesnt care about his true team and double winners!!!! IC TILL WE DIE 
4/6/2001 13:29 GMT  Huddersfield and proud
through and through were ever we are. IRISH CENTRE-CHAMPIONS 2001 
3/6/2001 23:53 GMT  Mace from AFC Shelfield Sporting Academy
Top site, i've just started our site and was just browsing when i found your site. Best site by miles i've picked some usefull tips up, i hope you don't mind me using them on ours (bit of a new comer see) anyway best of luck, i hope your club returns quickly. Shaun Mason AFC Shelfield 
3/6/2001 18:34 GMT  Matt Baker
can u advetise p.s can u tell us how u got all the pics on your homepage . 
2/6/2001 18:56 GMT  john
Another who's seen the link on the Leyton Orient site. Do I put Bradford down for div 1 champs in my football yankee? Plenty to view on this site; will visit again during 2001/02 season. 
2/6/2001 18:45 GMT  Chris
Great site, got everything a good site needs. saw link from Leyton Orient site. Good luck next season hope you go straight back to the premiship (pray win 1st division  
2/6/2001 18:34 GMT  MILES
VOTE: will Help Alma to success in the Weatherfield General? -Yes Vote Watts he knows whats what!!! -NO -Maybe -Go back to betabuy 
2/6/2001 17:24 GMT  Andy
Adam Saw the link from the Leyton Orient website. Great site mate. Good luck next season. 
1/6/2001 15:45 GMT  Karen
Great site. Love the pictures of the ground - a massive improvement to when I was last there with Orient. Good luck for the new season! 
1/6/2001 14:47 GMT  Tigana
It's a shame we miss each otherwith our Up's and Downs Great club Fond memories of your supporters Fulham when we nearly went out of Business a few years ago Good Luck next season hopefully we'll meet 02/03 From the cottagers!!!! 
1/6/2001 11:25 GMT  Adam - Terrier
As long as your laughing from the First Division, i dont really care. Scummersfield my arse! 
1/6/2001 11:22 GMT  Adam
No thats there nicknames!!  
1/6/2001 11:21 GMT  Stories
Do you nick them from 
1/6/2001 11:07 GMT  Terrier
Why on earth did you post this dross onto the HTFC website. This just gives us Town fans even more things to laugh at Bradford about. Made me smile anyway!  
31/5/2001 21:03 GMT  Jez
Adam, I have linked your site onto as you asked. Cheers 
31/5/2001 12:18 GMT  Legia Warsaw fan
Let me congratulate Adam Bell on being our 4000th visitor! But, this message is for the fool below this one, who I'm going to see at training tonight - you'd better wear your shinpads, boy! Wisla - piece of crap! C - C - CWKS - LEGIA!!!!!!  
31/5/2001 12:13 GMT  To Adam Bell
In answer to your wisla question, its because most of us support them as we're from Krakow and the surrounding areas. Congrats on being our 4000th visitor. Do you reckon Bradford are up to the Osemka Challenge ? 
29/5/2001 16:03 GMT  Southerners
Bradford are rubbish and are going nowhere but down, down, down - Why waste your time on this site??? 
23/5/2001 17:02 GMT  Ray Allen
Adam,sorry I have not comeback to you until now. I have started on my site dedicated to Bradford Speedway. I have linked your page with This Is Bradford Speedway @ if you could link me on here that would be great. By the way well done with this site very informative and up to date. Speak to you soon on here or BCFC Official Ray 
23/5/2001 12:25 GMT  ?
we need the hits so visit us at and leave a message in our guest book 
22/5/2001 12:21 GMT  Small Club
small ambition, small gound, small trophy cabinet, small rivalries with local teams (Huddersfield). If you had any ambition you would look to Leeds. And your club colours are awful. 
15/5/2001 16:42 GMT  kevo
bradford are crap and there is no way they are coming up next season. Oh yeah, check this page out. 
15/5/2001 12:50 GMT  Battyeford
We have considered your request for a link on our site, but this site is about Bradford, and Huddersfield Town and Macclesfield Town are our clubs so it would be quite inappropriate for our site. Sorry. 
15/5/2001 11:47 GMT  sinead
hi ad great page did i tell you i love quinny it just needs a kick start and the true love will blossom 
15/5/2001 09:37 GMT  quinny
adam i've deleted your page on the IC website but I have it saved on disk and i'm going to leave the cup photos on for one week then put your page back up!!!! cheers, are u coming on Friday dont shaft me!!!!! 
14/5/2001 23:57 GMT  Mike Oxard
Whats all this city till I die crap? Come on you loosers get a grip you have a fat jewish chairman who runs the team and picks it. And they build a ground when they are struggling to stay in the top flight? Surely priorities would need a little thinking over. Get a good team then build a nice ground.  
14/5/2001 20:38 GMT  viking
gutted!!! but still CTID we'll be back 
14/5/2001 11:28 GMT  I.P.Freely
We're going to Europe your going to Rotherham. What a load of crap you were yesterday, Supposed to be a derby, and your supposed to play a little better. Things are going to be difficult next year. Looks like there might be some town bradford derbys in the 2nd division in another season. Come on bradford fans open your eyes the team is a load of crap and can't compete. 
14/5/2001 10:19 GMT  adam
i have miles, updated it this morning. will update it a bit more though 
14/5/2001 09:49 GMT  Miles
Cant believe you get paid for this Curly. Not bad but update your page on  
13/5/2001 18:46 GMT  A Non Bradford Fan
Leeds slapped you up today 6 - 1 This was a derby !!! Sort it out next season or you will be relegated to the second division.  
13/5/2001 10:23 GMT  Leighton Evans
this is a great site how did u do it like mines shat compered to this.check it out 
11/5/2001 18:18 GMT  Quinny
come on adam i'd of thought you'd of give the Huddlers some coverage im dissapointed in you adam. Everyone visit  
11/5/2001 15:56 GMT  German Monopoly
your site is very good. i like English football. good luck for the game on 13. May against Leeds. 
10/5/2001 10:10 GMT  copland bantam
Your site is good, will pop in regularly. C.T.I.D. 
9/5/2001 11:44 GMT  Adam
9/5/2001 11:23 GMT  QUINNY TERRIER
9/5/2001 00:23 GMT  clarkey
kinda good site this adam, pi55es on ICs. so this is what your job really involves!!! 
5/5/2001 12:45 GMT  ChuckleBantam
Nice site Adam,ignore the Huddersfield scum,smalltime boys who follow a smalltime team. CTID Chuckle. 
5/5/2001 05:41 GMT  Glenn Baldwin (Riyadh Bantam)
Enjoyed the visit to your site - I will list in my favourites. 
4/5/2001 13:13 GMT  Adam
To MR.QUINN. Scummersfield are going down so shut up mate. 
4/5/2001 12:49 GMT  MR.QUINN
4/5/2001 10:06 GMT  bilton bantam
your site is great.keep up the good work 
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