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Club Future At Stake

Mikkel Tuxen  Friday, August 17, 2001  12:19 GMT

PIcture: Chez Tuxen, venue for Sunday's shareholder conference

Hi Rovers,

During the last 6-8 months there has been a lot of talk on how the club should function
- how we would play, who should play, for how long, where, when, tours, sponsorship
and training sessions are among the issues discussed. Most of the talk has,
unfortunately, mainly been "hot air" - lots of talk and promises and not a lot of action!

Now is the time to take action! Therefore, a meeting to address the above mentioned
issues has been proposed, and this time it will happen. The meeting will take place at
my house (map will follow later) on Sunday 19 August 2001 at 15.30 after a training
session (at the AA-field at 13.00) and followed by BBQ. Please do make sure to be
there, and since I only have some of the your e-mail addresses, please also give a copy
of this letter to everyone who's address is not mentioned (including all Lao players).

The proposed time schedule and agenda are as follows:

13.00 - Meet at the AA field for a training session.

14.30-15.30 - Go to Tuxen's for shower before the meeting and the BBQ (and F1 for
John after the meeting). We have three bathrooms and you're welcome to use them,
but please bring your own towel.

15.30 - Meeting starts


1- Principles for the club
a) Pleasure/social football or play-to win football?
b)How often do we want training sessions?
c) How to arrange substitutions during the games?
d) Should we delimit the number of players for the games?
e) Standing arrangements (if no match, always training at the AA -field)
f) Membership fee to cover field fees, water, strips etc.
g) Sponsorship

2- Structure of the club
a) Comments on the proposed club positions?
b) Manager/Coach - appointment(s)
c) Coordinator - appointment (responsibilities: match coordination [ed. responsibility
to delegate such as tour planning] including pre-match messages; PR activities
(might well be delegated - but coordination and overview are essential) ;and
secretary activities such as making sure that the website is being updated.
d) Treasurer - appointment (collects membership fees, pays field fees, water, strips,
expenditure on tours etc.)

3- Practicalities
a) Our next away-trip, when and where? (Suggestion: matches or tournament at end of
September in Tha Khek, Khon Khaen, Nong Khai, Udon Thani or Savanhaket. Any
other suggestions?)
b) Deadlines for on-going activities such as drafting of club rules, letter to potential
sponsor(s) etc.
c) Others (gift from Rovers to Gitte and Robb)
d) Eat and drink as mad-men (and maybe F1)!

What you just saw is the result of very long and hard negotiations between Morten,
Aiden and myself. Now it's your turn to act - please come to the meeting, please tell all
the players about the meeting (and make sure they come!), please bring your good
mood and good ideas (and your towel) and I'll make sure to feed you and supply the
drinks! But to make sure that there enough food for everybody, please let me know if
you're coming before Friday night.

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