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  Kai  (Outhoumphone)
Role: Manager
Mr. Kai is the mainstay of the Falang Rovers. He organises fixtures and pitches and finds the ringers when are numbers are down. A stylish left midfielder or full back, he belies his age with his crafty dribbling and tenacious defence. A bit of a Lao Gordan Strachan. Without the red hair of course. Mr Kai has been known to lose his rag with the opposition occasionally, but is usually dignified and an ambassador for the game. Long may his short legs carry him down the Rovers left flank!
  Robb  Butler
Robb Butler

The golden boy of both the Vientiane Buffalos and the Farang Rovers, 'Nice Boy' Butler has been dazzling with his skills and radiant personality ever since he burst onto the scene about 3 years ago. With lightning pace, great strength and fantastic ball control, Robb has been driving fans wild whenever he shows his legs on a pitch. These days, his no.1 fan, a fellow athlete has monopolised the affections of Sport Billy Butler, breaking the hearts of thousands. While this development may have improved Robb's stamina, it has done nothing for his infamous temper, which makes him a feared opponent and team mate and a regular recipient of the Stefan Islandi short fuse award.

  Willy 'Fabian'  Destribois Coudroy
Age: 32

Willy Barthez

He used to be Schmeichel, but shaved his head when the crazy French no.1 moved to Man City.
He's mad, as good goalies have to be.
He can't kick, distribute, or communicate.
Yet he's the best keeper in the country.
Willy we love you. Please pay your pitch fees sometimes though.
  Aiden 'aids'  Glendinning
Age: 31
Role: Web Secretary
Sweeper / Stopper

Slow and dirty central defender in the classic English tradition. Has fantasies of being a midfield playmaker but smokes too much to ever get beyond the halfway line.

  Gitte  Gronnemose
Gitte has the distinction of playing for both the Danish national side and being invited to train with the Lao team, making her the only 'double international' in the Rover's line up. Despite, or maybe because of, being a girl, Gitte is one of the most reliable defenders in the club, performing consistently well at the heart of defence. Good in the air and strong in the tackle, the Dane has put numerous opposing forward lines to shame and is a calming influence among the Rovers players. She also has the biggest tits in the team, except for Mikkel.
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