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Rovers' Foursome

Nat Lofthouse  Friday, August 17, 2001  12:09 GMT

Picture: Sisavath missed his usual hatfull

Rovers Make it Four

Rovers' celebrated their fourth win in a row with four goals yesterday (Tuesday 14th August), stunning a TRIO 2 side who had been very confident before the match.
This was the Rovers first trip to the TRIO ground, and a great performance made the long dash after work well worth the effort. The game was played on the new pitch at the TRIO site, with string along the touch lines paying testament to the virginity of the pitch. Each team had a covered dugout with benches, quite a luxury for players used to changing on the dirt of the Polytechnic track. The playing surface, which looked carpet-like from a distance, was well grassed and true, but actually so wet under the surface that each step produced a small fountain that acted like a bidet for the lucky players. The ball zipped over the lush grass and Mikkel used the opportunity to try and break the world record for the number of sliding tackles attempted during the defence of one single attack.

The boys in blue started the game at a tempo which frightened the TRIO veterans and could have been up as early as the third minute had Sisavath not fluffed a characteristically easy chance. Many more such efforts followed, but clinical strikes from Meo and Lon ensured a 2-0 lead at half-time. The match was very competitive, with the Rovers defence stretched several times. Lon and Sisavath were involved in some heated discussions with old rivals from TRIO, and were given a stern warning at the interval that such behaviour will no longer be tolerated in our shiny beautiful club. TRIO fielded some very talented, albeit veteran players, and organisation and hard work were the key to the half-time lead. The midfield of Lon, Kosy, Mac and John covered the very wide pitch tirelessly while the defence, boosted by the return of Seppo, played an almost impenetrable offside trap. Even the inevitable sight of Sisavath blasting a penalty (given after a fine run by Somers) way over the bar failed to break the Rovers team spirit.

Help from a couple of Kosy's mates on the substitute front, plus some fine saves by Willy, kept the Rovers in control of the match throughout the second half. Ngeun and Meo continued to work their magic up front, setting up Sisavath with a hatful of chaces to skew wide. The errant Vath did manage to bag one, along with Ngeun, while Willy's customary big-time cock-up gave TRIO a consolation goal in reply. This was a match that really lasted a whole 90 minutes, on a fast pitch with a ten-minute half-time break. 4-1 against a divison two side is a good result and a fine way to send off our founder, Ricky Dicky White, who is leaving after completing his loan spell. Bish actually enjoyed one of his best games for the club, and seems now to have realised the wisdom of playing in football boots during the monsoon season, while reserving the family slippers for indoor use.

Being the good chap that he is, Bish is putting on drinks etc. for the club and any mates he might have on Friday night, so please come along to send him off. In addition, there is the 'Smells Like Club Spirit' extravaganza this Sunday, starting at the Yankee Ambassador's field at 1 pm, moving onto Mikkel's for an open meeting about the club's direction and finishing with a load of meat and beer. Presence is crucial for anyone interested in the club in any way, shape or form. If you can't make it, please look at Mikkel's agenda (he sent it earlier this week) and send in some comments by e-mail.

We are all thinking of Robb and Gitte and wishing them a fantastic day coming up.
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