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intheteam is a site that allows sports clubs to easily setup a homepage for the club on the internet.

No knowledge of web development is required to get the site up and running. To add information to the site forms are completed by authorised users. Access to some information is restricted.

Site administrators can update the following information:

  • Club details - The name, address, phone and fax numbers and email address.
  • Welcome page - The text for the welcome page can be amended.
  • Custom Pages - Create up to 5 pages with any content you like.
  • News - News stories can be added.
  • Diary - Forthcoming social events can be added to the diary.
  • Fixtures - Fixtures can be added. Once the fixture is completed the result can be updated. These results are then used to update a page containing the seasons statistics.
  • Selection - The selection for a fixture can be added.
  • Members - A member database allows is used to store personal information about members of the club. This information is only available to club members.
  • Statistics - Statistics are displayed for each team. Some sports can also enter statistics for individual players from a game (e.g. goals scored).
  • Useful links - Links to other web sites can be added here.
  • Images - Images can be uploaded to the site. These images can then be added to news stories.
  • Fixture types - Different types of fixtures can be added which are used when adding a fixture.
  • Roles - Roles within a club can be added which allows members in the member database to be assigned a particular role (eg Chairman, Treasurer, Club Captain etc).

The site owner can also change the following information:

  • Seasons - Seasons can be set up with start and end dates.
  • Teams - Teams within a club can be set up.

If you cannot find the answer to you problem please email

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