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The club caters for all and as a result there is a wide range of riding standards.This should not put anyone off because we have classes to suit different riding ability,manhinery type and rider. We have several riders well in their fifties who compete with us.Manhinery ridden ranges from the latest GMs and JAWAS to JAPS albeit in different races. Membership for the year 2000 was just under 150 from which 85 different riders have competed in one or more of our 15 meetings held during the 2000 season. THE CLUB IS PRIMARILY CONCERNED ABOUT RACING. Non Riders are most welcome however and are encouraged to help on the administration side and wave a flag etc,on race days. We hire Tracks through the Promoters,the cost is typically £500,in Addition we arrange medical cover which is about £120 and pay the insurance which is around the £120 mark again. Track ridden in the 2000 season King Lynn Sittingbourne,& Reading speedway.We hope to use these Venues again this season along with other tracks. GENERAL. Membership: Membership Secretary Mrs E Lanham E-Mail for membership form.The fee is £15 from 1st March 2001 to 28th Feb2002 which includes a membership card and 6/7 newsletters a year. ELIGIBILITY TO RACE. Entry is to paid up members of the Southern Track Riders who are aged 16 years or older. JUNIORS. We do cater for Juniors and have a Junior membership at the present time. RACE MEETING ENTRIES: Current entry fee is £25 per meeting.Entries to be made on official form which should arrive with the secretary of the meeting a minimum of 7 days prior to the meeting. MACHINES: Must be of a Speedway type (NO GRASSTRACK MACHINES).There is no restriction on age of machine entered although riders of Vintage machinery will be discouraged from competing against riders on the latest equipment.All machines must pass the scrutinisers before ridden.Particular attention is given to operation and wiring of cut-out and chainguards. CLOTHING: Crash helmets in good condition to the ACU specification the committee feel it is essential that an off road helmet is use utilise the wide range of peaks and tear-off systems availble.Leathers in good condition ,no broken zips or holes in knees etc.All riders must carry identification on them to include date of birth and blood group. LICENCE: All competitors wanting to ride amateur speedway must hold a competition PERMIT (restricted). CONTACT: The ACU at Wood Street,Rugby.Warks CV21 2YX TEL:-01788 566402 RACE CLASSES. OPEN:The premier class is meant for experienced riders on any speedway machine. NOVICE:This class is meant for the less experienced riders.Riders winning the Novice class would normally go up into the Open class,but the Committee has decided that he/she may stay in the Novice class until he/she has won 3 meetings,then he/she has automatically got to go up to the Open class,the rider will receive 3 Trophies in the Novice class. CLASSIC:A class for 2V JAWA and JAP engine machines. OVER40s (One off Championship).Any machine,rider admits to being over 40 and must had ridden in three meetings or more to qualify. RACE DAY,SIGNING ON: Sign on arrivaland receive race programme 1 hour befffore meetring starts. SCRUTINEERING: The scrutiniser will circulate round the pits and cheak machine and clothing.All machines to have name clearly visible on rear mudguard. RACES:All riders will have 5 races.The programme is arranged so that all riders will have their first race before others have have a second,unless otherwise stated. TROPHIES: Normally awarded to the first 3 of each class depending on number of entries. S.T.R.HOTLINE 01202 771134

Southern Track Riders Amateur Speedway Club
34,Bedford Road (South),
Alderney west,
BH12 4PR Map
Phone: 01202 771134

Latest News
9/7/2001 - Results 24th June Open Champ R3,Novice Champ R4

Coming Events
22/7/2001 - Kings Lynn Open Championships R4 Novice Championships R5
5/8/2001 - Sittingbourne Open Championships R5 Novice/Over40s Class

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