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May 22,'02: Most important thing in Games is to take an active part and strive to win. Essential thing in life and games is to give your 100%.Ghaznavis live and play by this creed !

Ghaznavi means Winners (we try to WIN games or people's hearts)

"Home" of winners welcomes YOU... please visit regularly as we constantly update. Do give us feedback by using our interactive links like GUESTBOOK. We believe in freedom of speech (clean messages please). We reserve the right to delete annonymous or derogatory remarks.


Since 2001, the Ghaznavis play in Toronto District Cricket Association (TDCA), the oldest & largest cricket league in North America. By the grace of Almighthy, we won the league Championship in our very first year('01). Not believing in segregation, we have players come from all over (Bangladesh,Grenada, India, Pakistan....). Looking for our first Canadian born player.

Between 1994 and 2001, the Ghaznavi Cricketers played in all divisions of Scarborough Cricket Association (SCA)- the 2nd biggest league in Canada. Except '97 (when 3 Ghaznavis played for SCA Champions Lawrence)we have played as Royals in SCA. Our two Royal teams lost four finals (three 20-overs and one 50-overs) and missed making the playoffs once. However, in SCA too, we won the championship in our very first year (1994).

Our best wishes and prayers to all cricketers and congratulations to all the championship winners of 2001 (Centurions, West Indians, Woodbine and Ghaznavis in TDCA; Scarborough Muslims, Bollywood Bazaar and Bawa Eleven in SCA).

We would also like to congratulate Canadian Cricket Team and the Association for winning a spot in the core world cup competition in '03 and hosting a very succesful ICC trophy '01.

Continuing to win games or people's hearts, Ghaznavis thank you for visiting our site.

 The 2001 TDCA 3rd Div. CHAMPIONS (Nice guys never finish last, we run a different race) 

On the web since October 2001

Ghaznavi Cricket Club
22 Stanbridge Court
(416 area)
M1B 2S5 
Phone: 616-1186 & 616-6255

Latest News
18/5/2002 - May 18 game CANCELLED
16/5/2002 - Welcome Shakir
16/5/2002 - AGM - Synopsis

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