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Event Date 13/7/2002
Event Bemsee Southern Champs.Round 8.Croix en Tenois
Details A welcome return to the French Connection round,in the Bemsee calender!Alledgedly!
I haven't been on a Bemsee jaunt across the Channel before,but I've been reliably informed,by all kinds of strange people,that this is a meeting not to miss!
Why that is depends on who you talk to!
Some hate the circuit,but love the party!
Some love the circuit and stay sober to enjoy it's delights.
Some love both!
I don't know,but I intend to find out on my first foreign racing folly!
The circuit was dropped from the calender,for a couple of years,because of concerns about certain aspects of safety.But ,the Bemsee Warlords have recently inspected the improvements done to the circuit and have given it the thumbs up!
So,pack your passport,brush up on your je n'say pas and hot foot to Calais!

Erm...That was written at the beginning of the season!
As some wise old Sage once said,
"Lifes what happens after you've made other plans."
What that means in my case is,that:-
1. I've blown the engine up in my bike.
2.I have a substantial inverse monetary fiscal situation (i.e. I'm skint!)
3.The work situation demands that I get me nose to the grindstone.
4.There doesn't need to be a fourth reason!
The first three are enough!
Suffice to say,I'm just the other side of being gutted!
That's racing,another old Sage said.
Do I want to give those old Sages a good kicking!!

I'm going to bed now and dream of a tree that grows lots of lovely 10 pound notes!

"In your dreams,soft lad!"

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