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IC V Dodworth

Irish Centre  Friday, November 16, 2001  10:57 GMT

Irish Centre play Dodworth this Sunday, in a bid to take a massive 9 point lead over bitter rivals Meltham, who they play the weekend following.

They are must win games for Irish Centre, as they look to captilise on a bad start from Meltham and will look as clear favourites to reatain the Championship.

They go into the game with no new injury worries, as Phill Mann returns, and hopefully Simon Chatten may appear as his beloved Liverpool are playing on Sky Sports against Blackburn. He may opt to watch the game at the Irish Centre instead of saying he is poorly and watch it in his bed.

After a promising comeback from a bruised foot, Bobby Helliwell may again start, and after scoring he will be high in confidence.

Adam Bell will be wanting to get his scoring boots on after only scoring 1 goal in two games.

It is looking like John Paul Kitterick may be on the bench, because of the form of Adam Lunn, but Adam Bell may be asked to play a bench role Sunday.

It is a fight for the 3 midfield spot's as Michael Clarke, Matty Tattersly, Miles O'Donnell, Alex Kalinowski and Simon Chatten all look to win the 3 positions.

In defence, It wouldn't suprise people if there was a shock exclusion on the starting line up, as we play the bottom club. Maybe Keady or Damo may be benched to give way for Quinn, who was substitute last week. Phill Man may and should return, and Donal Buggy should keep his place in the starting line up after have a good game against Linthwaite.

And Brendan will be the goalkeeper.

MY probable team:

                                                                      Brendan Shannahan

                                              Donal Buggy         Chris Keady       Paul Quinn

                  Bobby Helliwell                                                                                  Phill Mann

                  Miles O'Donnel                                 Matty Tattersley                      Alex Kalinowski

                                                             Adam Bell                          Adam Lunn








The Form since the club was formed is as follows, statistics show that there away form is awesome and their home form, doesnt look as bad either.

Home                 P         W        D        L        F        A

Irish Centre      18       11        5        2        42      28

Away                 P         W         D         L         F         A

Irish Centre    16        14       1           1       61       23

Although not as good as their home form, they should beat Dodworth, but we know only too well that it will not be an easy game, as proved the last game, when we beat them 3 - 1. Goals coming from Tattersly, Bell and O'Donnell gave the bhoys the win.

The away form will inspire them next Saturday when they play Meltham, looking to improve the record of:

TEAM                 P         W         D         L         F         A

Irish Centre      4          3          1         0         9          6

Meltham           4          0           1         3         6          9

It should be a good game and if victorious, Irish Centre would be 12 points above Meltham in the Title Chase.

KO is at 14:15 this weekend, don't be late for which should be a good game in build up to the Meltham game.


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