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New Poll
Chris Callaghan  Monday, December 17, 2001  09:52 GMT

Please vote on our new poll!
3rd Team Report.
Chris Callaghan  Monday, December 17, 2001  09:51 GMT

Now up on Callys Corner. All results and scorers from saturdays games posted.
Well Done!
Chris Callaghan  Monday, December 17, 2001  08:45 GMT

Well done to everyone that sold raffle tickets, we managed to raise about £1000 of much needed finance. Free pint to all those that sold £30 plus, those that didn't sell any will be installed in our Hall of Shame!
Chris Callaghan  Friday, December 14, 2001  08:56 GMT

Its tonight! Get your tickets and money in at the Flyboat before 8.30p.m please! I will be there from 7.30 onwards.
Saturdays Teams
Chris Callaghan  Friday, December 14, 2001  08:54 GMT

Please note: 1st and 2nd teams are in cup competitions with early kick-offs. Meet in the Flyboat at 12.30. 3rd team meet at 1.00. See Fixtures for opposition and Next Selection for teams. These line-ups are 'From'!
See the 19th Tenerifeee !
Andy Fry  Thursday, December 13, 2001  16:23 GMT

Take a look at The Tenerife 19 for an exclusive photo of the newest recruit.
Chris Callaghan  Tuesday, December 11, 2001  10:38 GMT

Raffle this friday, please sell them!
3rd Team Report
Chris Callaghan  Tuesday, December 11, 2001  10:34 GMT

Now in Callys Corner.
Match reports
Chris Callaghan  Tuesday, December 11, 2001  09:42 GMT

1st and 2nd team match reports now on site, 3rds to follow.
Chris Callaghan  Monday, December 10, 2001  09:49 GMT

New Toilet now onsite!
Saturdays Results.
Chris Callaghan  Monday, December 10, 2001  09:35 GMT

1st team won 5-2, 2nd team drew 1-1 and 3rd team won 7-0, through to the quarter finals of the Hoyle cup. 1st and 2nd team league tables now updated to include saturdays games.
Tenerife 18 no more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andy Fry  Friday, December 07, 2001  15:07 GMT

The tenerife 18 are no more! That is - there are now 19 of us going , with the welcome addition of one David "Trigger" Woodhouse, who having become a single man again wasted no time in deciding he wasn't going to miss the trip of a lifetime now, no way.
Which Tosser did that boring Club Poll.
John Lydon  Friday, December 07, 2001  13:21 GMT

What a crap poll, us visitors to your site are used to a much more perspicacious and entertaining poll, as I once said on our finest album: 'Never Mind the Bollax let Cally do the club poll'
Team Selections.
Chris Callaghan  Friday, December 07, 2001  08:51 GMT

Saturdays team selections are now on site, please note that these are from depending on certain players coming through fatness tests! 3rd team game is a cup game so everyone is not eligible, this is an early kick off so meet 12.45 at the Flyboat!
Trio Numbers.
Chris Callaghan  Friday, December 07, 2001  08:30 GMT

This weeks Trio numbers are: 3 - 10 - 14, £150 Prize won by Andy Fry and Johnny Mo. Two of the tightest men in the club will try to redeem the reputations by buying the ale after the games this saturday! Wrong way round prize of £7 won by Cudge! Bad day for the club funds!
Structural Damage to Leeds Irish Centre.
Chris Callaghan  Thursday, December 06, 2001  14:49 GMT

Apparently the PO Boys are being sued after their gig on friday for damage caused to the stage and dance floor! Structural engineer Mick O'Paddy said he'd not seen anything like it since the Great San Francisco Earthquake," Its as if a Pygmy Hippopatamus had been taking running jumps off the stage" he added. Police are investigating and are looking for a stolen dumper truck!
Christmas Raffle
Chris Callaghan  Thursday, December 06, 2001  08:52 GMT

Just over a week to go to the raffle, please try to sell your tickets, its a vital fund-raiser for the club.Your appearance at the Flyboat next friday would also be appreciated to show the new landlord the strengh of Heywoods!
Saturdays games.
Chris Callaghan  Wednesday, December 05, 2001  16:38 GMT

Anyone injured or unavailable for saturdays games please let the coaches know either on site or at training tomorrow night. Ta!
Topaz Totty Itinerararary.
Sue Mellor  Wednesday, December 05, 2001  12:18 GMT

Now on Tenerife 18 site.
1st team match report.
Chris Callaghan  Wednesday, December 05, 2001  08:47 GMT

Bomber must have had his Speedos on when he did this report, very brief with no lumps!
Alf Goodwin
Chris Callaghan  Wednesday, November 28, 2001  10:05 GMT

The Ginger Whinger is now a grandad! The baba takes after Alf and they're not sure what sex it is! Methinks there could be a headwetting coming up!
New Landlord.
Chris Callaghan  Tuesday, November 27, 2001  16:42 GMT

As most of you are aware, Bernie and Paddy are being replaced in the Flyboat on Friday, 14th December by Peter Grimes, presently incumbent of the Beaumont Arms, Kirkheaton. Jeff and myself were invited up to his pub last night to go over with him our requirements during the soccer season and found him very receptive to the whole concept of Heywoods running from the Flyboat.Indeed rather than turn the pub into an eating place as we thought, he wants to run it as a drinking establishment with food as a lesser part than the Beaumont Arms.I've known Peter for many moons and he's always been straight as a die(unfortunately)and he will come into the Flyboat already primed by Tommy and Karen (probably our best hosts)and I am sure that the beer and the surroundings will be A1. His first night in charge will be our Christmas Raffle night, so we would like as many people as possible to give him a good start and fill the pub!
Chris Callaghan  Tuesday, November 27, 2001  15:27 GMT

See Tenerife 18 for latest news.
Brian Green
Chris Callaghan  Friday, November 23, 2001  14:54 GMT

An old stalwart of Heywoods Sports, Brian has gone into Hospital in Leeds today in preparation for a triple heart bypass tomorrow. A former chairman, player and chief raffle ticket seller, I am sure you will all join me in wishing him all the best and to be soon on the road again selling ladies Knickers!
Chris Jennings Bachelor Do!
Chris Callaghan  Wednesday, November 21, 2001  08:45 GMT

Recently returned to the fold, Chris's Bachelor Do is being held in conjunction with the Auggies cricket tour next August.This comprises of a week in Chester starting on the 4th August. For those just wanting to celebrate with Chris his final moments of freedom, on Sunday the 4th they are attending a race meeting in Chester and then continuing in the town centre afterwards. Anyone wishing to attend this gathering please see Russ.Overnight stay is available in the same hotel as the tourists for about £30, book early.
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