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SMB shot down by recovery

llinos Coleman  Wednesday, June 06, 2001  08:54 GMT

Ist set was well played by everyone, particularly as we all had to interpret the captains rotation! Mark, Llinos, Layne, Bine, Simon and Pete saw off the opposition, serving well all round, and hitting some excellent shots, particularly Layne. 15 - 10 (? For you Simon)

2nd set seemed to get off to a terrible start. Before we knew it, we were 9 - 2 down. A few kicks up the bum were needed, and the team did not fail! However, despite some excellent setting and good covering, too little, too late, and we lost 15 - 13.
Pete, Gary, Bine, Layne, Gerlinde and Simon.

3rd set. A new line up again; Gerlinde, Gary, Bine, Layne, Llinos and Mark. We seemed to fall back into the start of the last set, so some coffee was passed around. Gerlinde and Mark played well, confusing the opposition when Gerlinde hit from a lovely set from Mark We served some excellent balls, some going out however, and hit some good balls. Setting was excellent again, but they seemed to know where the spaces were. Bine subbed off for Simon at the change around, and we tried hard to grab back some points. However, it was not to be.
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