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Layne Walker  Tuesday, June 18, 2002  15:49 GMT

It's a beautiful sunny, dry, windless day. In other words, it must be the day after the Cambridge Volleyball Tournament. True to recent form, the weather was far from perfect over the weekend. Saturday was mostly dry and even sunny sometimes, with some brief sharp showers, but we were plagued by a strong wind sweeping across the grounds, making controlled play all but impossible. Come Sunday, and the showers were heavier, longer and altogether wetter.
However, that being said, the 2002 Cambridge Tournament was another success. Fifty five teams gathered from all over the country, even importing players from the continent for the occasion.
Congratulations go to the winners of the pools:

Men I: Essex Boys - Experience counts, and Essex Boys showed how to keep it all together despite wind and rain and play something that actually looked like volleyball. A well deserved victory.

Men II: Rhinos - A victory for the surprised Cambridge side after Mid-Anglia lost it all against Warwick and gifted the division to Rhinos

Men III: Rugby Phoenix - Losing only two sets in the entire tournament, Phoenix dominated Men III

Mixed I: The Cabbages - Cabbages scraped through their Saturday pool to find themselves the only vegetable in an animal pool A on Sunday, with Murder Mice, the Naughty Monkeys and London LionHearts. Determined not to be at the start of the food chain, they went on to win their pool convincingly for the mixed title.

Mixed II: Charles Keene - Strongest of Mixed II on Saturday, Charles Keene kept up the pressure to take the Mixed II title on Sunday

Mixed III: Stowmarket Stingers - Shrigging off the lack of entries in the ladies division, Stowmarket switched their team into Mixed III and ran away with the division. Winning 14 sets and not dropping one all through the tournament put them right at the top of Mixed III.

Saturday Results:
                                        Sets    Points  Games
Division Pool Team Won Lost For Agst Won
Men III A Synergy 7 2 203 171 3
Men III A Giraffes 6 3 186 172 3
Men III A Platano Superior 5 5 207 191 2
Men III A 3-Wheeled Beer Machine 5 5 192 195 2
Men III A Small Town Heros 0 8 141 200 0
Men III B Rugby Phoenix 6 2 196 164 3
Men III B Oxford Misfits 6 2 194 139 3
Men III B ABBEY 6 2 184 144 3
Men III B Flying Bagoadi Brothers 2 6 117 188 1
Men III B York Old Johns 0 8 144 200 0
Men III C Wall of Lard 8 2 226 166 4
Men III C Pozacs Flying Circus 7 3 215 182 3
Men III C Jaguars 5 4 189 186 2
Men III C Bury Bullets 2 6 149 180 1
Men III C St Christopher 1 8 149 214 0

Sunday Results:
                                       Sets    Points  Games
Division Pool Team Won Lost For Agst Won
Men III A Rugby Phoenix 6 0 150 100 3
Men III A Wall of Lard 4 2 138 90 2
Men III A Synergy 2 4 119 134 1
Men III A Prozacs Flying Circus 0 6 67 150 0
Men III B Oxford Misfits 6 0 150 52 3
Men III B ABBEY 4 2 122 126 2
Men III B Jaguars 2 4 115 100 1
Men III B Giraffes 0 6 41 150 0
Men III C Platano Superior 6 0 150 74 3
Men III C 3-Wheeled Beer Machine 4 2 123 107 2
Men III C Bury Bullets 2 4 97 137 1
Men III C Flying Bagoadi Brothers 0 6 98 150 0

Finally, a message from the Tournament Organiser

Dear All

Well, it's a beautiful sunny day, warm, dry and hardly a breath of wind. It must be the day after the Cambridge Volleyball Tournament.....

Thank you for attending the tournament this weekend. We apologise for the weather, but unfortunately this is the gamble we take each year. Well,
despite the elements, we hope that you enjoyed yourselves. We welcome any feedback you might have, positive or negative. Particularly on the
catering, entertainment, and the beach competition.

Although we have been at the Rugby Club for some time, promises of facility improvements over the last few years have not transpired. This combined
with the uncertain weather at the end of May has prompted us to search for a new venue and date. We always enjoyed being the first tournament to launch the outdoor summer season, but I think we are all getting a little tired of battling the elements. So, keep an eye on our website
( for next year's new launch.
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