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ANVC visit Lilliput gym hall.

Simon Shipwright  Tuesday, December 11, 2001  16:16 GMT

Pacers 3 Abbey 2 (17-25 25-15 25-22 13-25 15-12)

Team : Anne, Bine, Dave K., Gerlinde, Layne, Neil, Pete and Simon

Arrived to find a very low ceiling and various obstructions overhanging the court. Due to this there were various local rules, including if it hit the ceiling on your side before your three touches were up, you could still play it. The first set saw Anne and Dave sitting off. Other than the effect the overhanging obstructions were having on everyone serving, it went very much to plan, if a little quiet. 25-17 to us.

Set two and Sabine & Gerlinde swapped places with Anne & Dave. From very quiet we went to silent. This caused numerous problems and lots of panicking. Add to this poor serving and we were on a hiding from the off. 15-25 to them.

Third set and Sabine and Gerlinde were back on and Pete & Layne sat off. Despite saying we would talk more, we started off where we left off and gave Pacers a head start. Fortunately we started to return to form in the second half of the set and managed to pull it level at 20-20 but ran out of steam in the last points and went down 22-25.

Set four was a repeat line-up of set one and strangely a repeat performance but with plenty of talking. 25-13 to us.

Set five, same starting line up as set two. Having regain our voices and beaten them easily in set four, we were in no mood to lose our two millionth fifth set decider in a row. We started well and were completely on top by the halfway stage, changing ends at 8-5 up. As we hadn't had the traditional Abbey getting stuck in a rotation so far tonight, we decide now would be a good time to have one. Four points were lost in a row and our confidence in hitting went. At 9-10 down their main hitter smashed one long and then landed on my ankle. We called an injury timeout and subbed on Sabine for myself and resumed the game at 10-10. Although we battled well, we still did not have confidence in our hitting so we were just volleying it over, allowing them to build too many attacks and finally ran out 12-15 losers. This now extends our fifth set decider run to two million and one loses in a row.

The only good thing to come out of the evening was on my return home, my ankle gave Jemima the excuse to dress up in a nurse outfit, stocking and suspenders and give my a bed bath. Then she did her best to bring the swelling down!!.

Person of the match goes to NEIL for his blocking, calling and good sets of serves.
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