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Can we play now..?

Layne Walker  Thursday, December 06, 2001  13:21 GMT

Abbey Mixed 3 Pacers 0 (25-12 25-19 25-21 or something like that!)

Team: Bine, Dave, Grenv, Layne, Mark, Pete, Simon and Stuart

Ref: Blobs, Assistant Ref: Caz, Scorer: Anne

We weren't really that Mixed with only Bine representing the Ladies, mainly because tonight was gonna be a Mens game. What the hell Pacers only had two. That's when they turned up! They were even later than expected, not arriving on court till 8.20. Then one of the posts came down causing another delay and meaning no over the net stuff. This screwed us up as much them if not more, having warmed up, chilled out, arsed around.. Having said that, the first set went without a hitch. An all round solid performance and a handsome scoreline.

We also started the 2nd set well establishing an early lead. But Pacers started to find their best hitters a bit more while Abbey got sloppy and lost concentration. But after the scores were tied at 14 all we tightened up. A superb spike from Mark and a good block from Grenv helped re-establish our superiority and it was soon 2-0. In the 3rd set we were pretty awful. Again we established an early lead but then we really took our eye off the ball. No talking, feet not moving, no aggression. Pacers suddenly found life a little easier. Fortunately, Abbey's desperation cover held up to keep us in the game. Then Pacers wasted a hatful of glorious attacking opportunities and Abbey did (just) enough to take advantage.

So Abbey go 4 and 0 in Herts Div 3 without dropping a set! As it should be! We played poorly tonight at times but hanging around for an hour before having the pressure to win 3-0 due to the court time didn't help. Pacers did the basics well and are not a bad team but they couldn't keep it going for long periods. Equally we can play much better. The '4 hitters' Dave, Bine and moi all had solid if unspectacular games. Likewise the 'middles', Simon, Grenv and Stuart. But arguably the best of the bunch were the setters Mark and Pete. In fact the problem wasn't really the players but how they interacted!

Many thanks to the officials who were even more bored than we were.

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