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Layne Walker  Sunday, April 21, 2002  23:29 GMT


Tossers 10 Cranfield A 25
Cranfield B 25 Lionhearts 13
Tossers 25 Tarts 13
Cranfield A 31 Cranfield B 29
Tarts 25 Cranfield A 20
Tossers 30 Lionhearts 28
Cranfield B 27 Tarts 25
Cranfield A 27 Lionhearts 25
Tossers 16 Cranfield B 25
Tarts 19 Lionhearts 25


Cranfield A 2 Cranfield B 0 (25-21 25-17)

The London Lionhearts made the trek from the smoke to make up it a 5-team tournament with the old adversories Abbey and Cranfield. Several others had threatened to take part but couldn’t muster the troops. Shame. So it was a straight group format with a Final to decide the honours and claim 1st prize of Layne’s goody box! The Lionhearts were a suitable entrant given the international flavour of their team. The Tossers were made up of Anne, Gerlinde, Llinos, Mark, Simon and Steve. Whilst the tarts where Jam Tart, Arty Tart, Dirty Tart, Old Tart, Easy Tart and Custard Tart. Real names Bine, Grenv, Janine, Layne, Pete and Val. They’re in a different order.. see if you can match them up.

As can be seen from the results the standard was very even and every dog had his set. There were some real nailbiters as well, the Lionhearts being especially unlucky to lose two games by the minimal margin. The second of those was crucial, it seeing Cranfield A into the final by virtue of them winning 3 out of 4 games. It was then a decider between the Tossers and Cranfield B who had both won 2 games. Cranfield B won it and an all Cranfield final it was. Cranfield A took this in two closely fought sets with some excellent rallies. A nice way to bring the curtain down on the indoor season. Thanks to Cranfield for providing the venue and the Lionhearts for joining us.
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