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Loss to BP Collins more unlucky than deserved
Ian Brandon  Thursday, July 19, 2001  16:43 GMT

Cryers Hill finished the night on the end of another double defeat, this time by 3rd placed BP Collins, but only 1-0. Another lack of concentration was the reason for the deadlock. A very tight game again showed the difference between the Cryers Hill of a few weeks ago and the Cryers Hill of now. More experience, and time and next season looks promising!
Loss to Fast Feet not in disgrace
Ian Brandon  Thursday, July 19, 2001  16:36 GMT

Cryers Hill were on the end of their first double defeat when they lost 1-0 to Fast Feet. The effects of the game beforehand had its effects, and one lack of concentration allowed Fast Feet to score. Cryers Hill was not disgraced considering we lost 5-0 the last time we played them. Fast Feet looked the better of the sides, but Cryers Hill dug in, and never gave up.
1-0 to the Cryers Hill... again!
Ian Brandon  Thursday, July 19, 2001  16:29 GMT

Cryers Hill started week 8 perfectly with a 1-0 win over IFS Unathletico. A very even game, but with most chances falling to Cryers Hill, the deadlock was only broken through a quick through ball by Damo, straight to Jamesey, who was clear through, and a cool finish got the all important goal and 3 points.
1-0 to the Cryers Hill!
Ian Brandon  Thursday, July 12, 2001  21:39 GMT

Cryers Hill continued their great form over the fast two weeks, with a hard fought 1-0 win over Allergan Winkers. The 1-1 draw game from two weeks ago looked to be on the cards again after a similar performance from both sides. Winkers were looking for their first points of the week and were very up for the game while Cryers Hill looked slightly tired from the game literally 2 minutes ago and using the same team in a deplited squad missing their regular keeper and a regular defender. Cryers Hill though, got a break through with a first goal of the season by David Aspin. Cryers Hill then dug in and saw out the time remaining with solid defending and good saves from stand in keeper Adam Pycroft. Our best week yet, but next week will be extremely tough with games against the top two BP Collins and Fast Feet - Both of which we lost to in the previous games, 3-1 and 5-0 respectively.
MS2000 DESTROYED by Cryers Hill
Ian Brandon  Thursday, July 12, 2001  21:30 GMT

Cryers Hill gave their first thumping of the Elms league with the professional destruction of MS2000. Admittedly this was against the bottom side and just 3-0 with a hat-trick from now top scorer Mark James, but we looked much better and controlled the game much better than the 1-0 defeat to MS2000 two weeks ago. A throughly deserved win, may will this great form continue.
Another solid draw against Bellies
Ian Brandon  Thursday, July 12, 2001  21:26 GMT

Cryers Hill got another creditable draw against Sports Bellies 0-0. After the dissapointment of losing after being 2-0 up and drawing the last time we played them, this draw was much sweeter. Sports Bellies played much more like a side second in the league, but we not just held on but had a few clear cut chances ourselves and even a goal disallowed when the ref didn't play a good advantage. Neither team had the majority of control and a draw a fair result, but this showed how far Cryers Hill have come since a that blank week at the end of June.
Great revenge over Aftershock
Ian Brandon  Thursday, July 05, 2001  20:40 GMT

Cryers Hill got revenge for the 1-0 defeat against Aftershock after a goal was disslowed with a convincing 2-0 win through goals from Mark James and a first from Andy Rever. Not much could be said with the only highlights being the goals from an otherwise strong performance by Cryers Hill.
Loss to a Vancouver after keeper change
Ian Brandon  Thursday, July 05, 2001  20:36 GMT

Cryers Hill lost to Vancouver Kneecaps 2-1 after our keeper Damo, suffered a sprained wrist. With the score at 0-0, a constant period of Kneecap pressure and goal attempts saw one shot push the palm of Damo's back. A goal was conceded just before half-time and a time which allowed Damo to come off. Adam Pycroft stepped in reluctantly but played very well; but his scoring ablity was missed with Vancouver getting another goal with only Mark James scoring for Cryers Hill. Unlucky
Second win against Inter
Ian Brandon  Thursday, July 05, 2001  20:30 GMT

Cryers Hill's 2nd win in the league came in the 1st game of week 6 when Cryers Hill beat Inter Marlow 2-1. This was the first week when teams would face oposition they had already faced. Inter Marlow beat us 3-1 after a daft 3 subs. The same mistake was not made with only one sub coming on. By this time Adam Pycroft and Mark James had given Cryers Hill a 2-0 lead before Inter got a goal back. A defensive sub closed the game out to get a badly needed win to help get as far away from the bottom as possible.
A gutsey draw to end the week
Ian Brandon  Thursday, June 28, 2001  14:15 GMT

Crtyers Hill finished the week with a gutsy 1-1 draw against Allergan Winkers. Due to the controvesy of the previous game, we started slowly and conceded an unlucky goal via a deflection. We then had to dig in and with subs at half-time, got back into the game through MarK James first goal of the league. We continued to press but couldn't find a breakthrough and ended 1-1.
Loss to Extreme replacements
Ian Brandon  Thursday, June 28, 2001  14:09 GMT

Cryers Hill were the victims of MS 2000's 1st win in the league by 1-0. The physical and mental tirdness of the players came through with no real threat by us, but there was a contrvesial decision by the referee after the game had started when he requested our keeper to put shin pads on. As our sub-keeper was coming on, the referee had already restarted the game. MS 2000 had a shot a few seconds later, and with our keeper not ready, the ball went in. I cannot say my true feelings about the referee's decision here in case of being fined but will be enquiring to the county F.A. about the incident at the end of the league.
Dissapointing draw against 2nd
Ian Brandon  Thursday, June 28, 2001  14:00 GMT

Cryers Hill were 2-0 up against 2nd placed Sports Bellies before drwaing 2-2 in the opening match of week 5 in the Elms. Two Adam Pycroft goals gave Cryers Hill an unaccepted lead, but since the team were doing well, the manager didn't bring on any subs, thus the team got tired and conceded two late goals. A fantastic performance and very unlucky.
Unfarted win, but things looking up
Ian Brandon  Sunday, June 24, 2001  17:56 GMT

Cryers Hill got thier first blank week in the Elms after a 1-0 defeat to Maidenhead Unfarted. This has left the championship wide open with the first 7 teams split by a mere 8 points. Cryers Hill put a more determined performance in their game and had their chances to win. It leves Cryers Hill with the unwelcome ratio of 1 goal in every 3 games, lowest scorers in the league apart from one and 4th from bottom in the table. Next week is crucial with two games against the two bottom teams.
Get Up Stand Up and get out!!
Ian Brandon  Sunday, June 24, 2001  17:49 GMT

Cryers Hill lost 2-0 to Get Up Stand Up through a clearly noticable lack of confidence and ambition by the players. Shooting is not turning into goals and with 4 goals in 11 matches, problems are looking ominus after a great 5 points on the opening week.
DVD win. Cryers Hill need better
Ian Brandon  Sunday, June 24, 2001  17:41 GMT

Cryers Hill lost to DVD 1-0 in the first match on Wednesday 20th June. The problem again was not being able to score, even against not the best of sides. A goal in the first half settled the match and even with wholesale changes, a deadlock could not be broken.
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