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David Rowe  Sunday, May 06, 2001  09:28 GMT

It wasnt really a good night for the brits.Mark loram crashed out after only his second ride,chris louis went early and the only brit that was left was premier league carl stonhewer.Stoney had to get 1st or 2nd to get to the semis and he was in 2nd when he hit one of many of the ruts on the corner which sent him crashing to the deck.Jason crump,billy hamill and greg hancock all went surprisingly early too.Peter karlsson won the consolation final and all the riders were physched up for the final.It consisted of rickardsson,gollob,n.pedersen and henka gustaffson.The tapes went up and nicki pedersen was leading with goolob just behind and tony in third.On the 2nd lap tony passed gollob and was heading for pedersen when he hit the same rut as stoney which sent him into the leader,nicki pedersen.Both riders bounced up but nicki pedersen was furious as he was leading and the ref excluded rickardsson and called for a re-run.This time goolob got the jump and was followed by nicki pedersen who was soon passed gustaffson.Gollob cruised round but on he final bend went to sleep and only beat henka by a wheels length.Unlucky all the brits!!
David Rowe  Thursday, May 03, 2001  15:25 GMT

Exeter falcons promoter colin hill has today stated that david osborn will not ride for the falconsagain.Osborn who has only scored 2 points in his falcons carrer has been replaced by another young gun in the form of matt cambridge.The exciting young rider won the crowd over with his never say die attitude and i believe he could be the key to our reserve problems.
David Rowe  Monday, April 30, 2001  14:57 GMT

Mark simmonds has declared himself fit for mondays crucial premier trophy clash with potential league winners swindon.Simmo phoned colin hill on saturday after practising at the clay country moto parc(trelawny).
David Rowe  Sunday, April 29, 2001  18:35 GMT

Ive just got back from newport and i am shattered but it was worth it though,what a meeting.The four qualifiers were: 1st=Ray morton 2nd=Stuart Robson 3rd=Sean wilson 4th=Paul fry Reservr for final(wiil ridein place of screen)=Alan mogridge It was a very exciting meeting with some exciting racing especially from Paul'the fryer' Fry and the exeter 3,000 points man didnt let us down with scoring 7 points from his 5 rides.Coles was unlucky at the gate a few times but looked very stylish in front. Kelvin Tatum probably feels the most gutted man on the planet,he was in 2nd place when the leader david howe stopped in front of him which costed kelvin 2nd place.Then in heat15 he was looking good out front ahead of stuart robson,phil morris and the exeter no.5 mike coles and then he hit a bad patch on turns 1 and 2 which sent him to the deck.Kelvin eventually finished on 10 along with Swindons Alan mogridge so they went to a run-off to decide the reserve for the final.Kelvin who was good off the gate all day and then when he needed to make it,he didnt and alan mogridge stormed around the outside to take 5th place.UNLUCKY KELVIN!! SCORES AND SCORERS:
David Rowe  Saturday, April 28, 2001  18:01 GMT

Exeters number 3 ,Mark Simmonds is going to have a practise at Trelawny to hopefully rule himself fit for mondays clash with swindon.Simmo fell heavily at reading and missed exeters 45-45 draw with the Isle Of Wight.
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