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Results 24th June Open Champ R3,Novice Champ R4

Eve Lanham  Monday, July 09, 2001  20:26 GMT



This event took place,on a VERY HOT day at Sittingbourne.15 riders competed for the points in this section as Robert Tutton was unable to start the day having "fell of the wagon" the evening prior.For those interested having spent 7& a half hours at the hospital on Saturday and failing to see a doctor,he has now had the ankle x-rayed and has chipped the bone.The meeting was cut shout,after 4 rides due to a nasty heat 17 spill.Rod Woodhouse's collision  with Pete Shakespeare left both riders and machines sprawled on the track and no room for the following Alec jones who joined them having ridden over poop Rod.Reports confirm that Alec has a broked Tibia and will be in plaster for 6 weeks and Pete and Rod are badly bruised although no broken bones.We wish you all a speedy recovery and hope you are back with us soon.With Rod Woodhouse And Richard Harbud having 11 points a piece while Rod was on route to hospital he was declared the winner of the event having beaten Richard in heat 4 (his trophy was quickly sent to hospital with his mechanic) with Richard declared second and third place going to Roger Elmore.


9 riders competed with the top 8 to progress to thwe A & B finals. Unfortunately due to the spill these could not take place and again the results were declared after 4 rides. The heat certainly took it's toll on some riders and Steve Targett was unlucky having had to withdraw from the meeting following his retirement in heat 6 when  he jarred his leg. There were many anxious faces as we are well aware Steve is riding with a large plate & pin in his thigh following a nasty crash at Arena last season.These speedway riders never learn do they! Again two riders tied on 11 points. Matt Etherington dropping a point to Karl Bainbridge in heat 6,was declared the winner. 2nd place to Dean Garrod,who dropped his point to Matt in heat 9,with third place to Karl Bainbridge.Congratulations to you all


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