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Results Rye House 22nd May 2001*

Julie Tutton  Sunday, April 22, 2001  21:54 GMT

Open Class
15 riders competed for the top 3 spots and put on a good show with some excellent efforts and overtaking move.The 1st place trophy went to Dean garrod who was back with us following his American trip.Dean's visit was rewarded with 13 points having 3 heat wins & 2second places.The second place trophy went to Andre Cross with 12 points 2 heat wins & 3 seconds.Andre was mounted on a laydown machine for the first time and had informed me he would be using the meeting to "try it out" and would not be "racing".Following this performance am I to presume he will be "racing" next time! David Nix and replacement rider Nathan Irwin tied on 11 points however the third trophy was awarded to David having beaten Nathan in heat 32.Not wishing to take anything away from the winners,who well deserved their trophies but special mention should go to Daniel Warwick,Russell Paine and Jessica Lamb.The former 2 riders having won their 1st two rides met in heat 24 and put on a breath taking display until a collision resulted in a badly damaged fence,two injured riders taking no further part in the meeting and all remaining races cut to 3 laps.(much to the relief of some members not mentioning any names) I'msure you'll all join me in wishing them a speedy recovery. Daniel is awaiting further x-rays to determine if there is a break and is currently on crutches unable to bear any weight and Russell informs me he is a bit battered and bruised but OK,however his financial situation is not as he lost the paper contents of his wallet sometime throughout the day.Jessica rode very sensibly having suffered from the effects of a very hard first bend at Eastbourne the night prior.
Congratulations to the winners and well done to all 15 riders.
1st Dean Garrod
2nd Andre Cross
3rd David Nix
4th Nathan Irwin

9 riders competed for the top 3 places. The winner Simon Tayor being unlucky to drop points in his 3rd ride,after taking a tumble,otherwise he may well have got his maximum. Richard Hardud & Gary Emeny tied on 11 points for second. Ideally we would have had a run off to declare the winner however the 2pm deadline prevented this resulting in Richard being declared second and Gary third as Richard beat Gary in heat 16 & 25.It was a relief to see the Novice riders cope so well with what is not considered one of the easier tracks to ride.
1st Simon Taylor
2nd Richard Harbud
3rd Gary Emeny

OVER40s Class:
11 riders competed for the top three trophies on a variety of machinery.These riders can certainly show the youngsters a thing or two.
Ideally a run off was needed to declare the result however again time prevented this and left the organisers with a headache.John Freemen & Andy Downs finished the meeting on 14 points each having dropped one point a piece. This headache turned to migrain when it was realised each had dropped the point to the other.The only way it could be decided was as Andy had beaten John in a time of 53:2 and John beat Andy in a time of 53:9 the frist place was awarded to Andy with John receiving the second. This is not the best way to declare however congratulations to both who appeared to accept the difficult decision made. Third place went to new member Dave Abbott who was mounted throughout the meeting on what I believe was a 2 valve Jap. Dave showed all that you do not necessarily need a laydown machine to be competitve.
1st Andy Downs
2nd John Freeman
3rd Dave Abbott

I must say looking at the Juniors,riding on the day,the future of the club look bright they put on some wonderful demonstration races and will sure give an account of themselves ehen they become old enough to take part in the main meeting.
Well done to all riders and congratulations to the principle winners.
See you all at Kings Lynn. Remember to get your entries in quick the meeting is almost full!

Julie Tutton

It was noted the medical crew saved a fortune on oxygen when the races were cut to 3 laps!
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