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Jeffries to cut down squad

Adam Bell  Monday, May 21, 2001  13:44 GMT

Jim Jefferies accepts he will have to offload some of his City squad before he can build a team capable of making a Premiership return.
The Bantams boss hopes to keep hold of senior stars such as Eoin Jess, Bob Molenaar and Stuart McCall, as well as bringing in some new blood, but it appears that certain players will be shown the Valley Parade exit door during the summer.
Peter Atherton, Matt Clarke and Lee Sharpe are all expected to move on during the summer months after being loaned out recently, and Jefferies has given the impression that no-one should necessarily expect an immediate return to the Premiership.
He said: "The way we've been playing recently, aside from the first half at Leeds, there's optimism for next year if we can keep the squad together and if we can add to it, but that's highly unlikely as we've got to work within certain budgets.
"It's very disappointing that we can't build as we'd like to as I don't have any money to rebuild.
"It's got to be brought into line with certain budgets that I've been given. We're over that at the moment so I've got to cut costs.
"The chairman advised me what the state of the club was and it'll be difficult.
"The expectation level for me and the supporters is to put a challenge in to try and come straight back, but with the cuts that will have to be made it's going to be difficult.
"That's disappointing as I think this team with the right additions would have been challenging next year."
Ashley Ward, Andy Myers and Ian Nolan are also among the players that may have played their last games for the club if City receive suitable offers for them.

Picture: Jefferies will be showing players the exit door
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