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  Lee 'Mr T'  Barwell

Lee has also joined us this season, were still not sure why? It could be possible that we have found a second choice wicket keeper!! There will be no point in robbing this lads house cos he wears all his valuables when playing cricket! According to him this is why he dropped monkeys catch in the second game! But seriously Lee is not a bad bat when he puts his mind to it. He has had a spell of bowling which was o.k but with a bit of practise could be quite useful!


  Matt 'White Ambrose'  Buggins
His shoe size definately reads bigger than his batting average!With 3 ducks, he is the king of "Not hanging around at the wicket". His average of 0.83 is not to be sniffed at, his batting is improving dramatically in the nets, and his shots are positive.
Top wicket taker with 8 last year, Matt bowled 53 overs, 9 maidens for 218. S/R 6.625, with an average of 27.25.
Rapid? Could be with right coaching, a lot of height, and could be useful on the right sort of wicket.
Surely a record holder with his 13 ball over last year?
  Mark 'Chick'  Chicken
Primarily a cup player who cannot commit weekly due to work. Can hit a ball, but is genuinely quick, and I mean quick. About the quickest bowler around when he puts his back into it, not playing County Cricket.
If you have a helmet when "Chick" is fired up, put it on!!!!!
  William 'The Shin, Silver Fox'  Coombe
No other bowler on the circuit has been there and done it quite the same as Bill. Medium paced and sharpish as a young man, Bill now makes "Warney and Mully" look like young pretenders.
Bill "the shin" and Matt Buggins hold the record for 3 ducks each in the season, despite that Bill scored 17 runs, and averages 3.4
Up there in the wicket stakes Bill took 6 off 32.2 overs with 7 maidens. His average is24.6 and S/R 5.4.
The Silver Fox should fancy his chances on the Arle Court wicket this season!
  Jim 'Smokin''  Cross
A real Arle Court man, still has the ability to take wickets on the most unlikely of wickets. Wears down batsmen with his "Wily" medium plonkers, and his quicker ball has seen the bails fall many times. Reasonably sharp in his earlier career, Jimmy Cross can pin back the smoothest of batsmen.
Proved a usefull lower order batsman too.
23 runs last season, is no justice for a man who saved the tail many times. He averages 4.6.
With ball however, Jim bowled 37 overs and conceeded only 72 runs for his 7 wickets. Myself and Steve Willatt bowled 16.1, and 18 overs respectively, and went for the same number of runs!!!!
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