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  Dale  ? The midfielder figured in the last two games of Airport Athletic's2001/02 campaign. Can play on the wing and in the middle of midfield, he has added an extra depth and steel to the squad, and he will be playing for the team next year.
  Mike 'mike'  ?
Mike has been an ever present member during the 2001/02 and has made the left back position his own. Has scored a couple of goals too, when he doesn't get a nose bleed. His passing is second to none and is a naturally left footed player, which is rare for a footballer at any level. A great laugh too!
  Hughie 'THE GAFFER'  Bodkin
Age: 29
Role: Assistant Manager
Hughie is a player who eptomises the spirit of Airport Athletic. He managed the club lin Athletic's first season and has just taken up the post of Assistant Manager along with Mark Wilkinson. Hughie was the person who started off the idea of ever having a football team. He is someone who can play as well as manage too, even prepared to play on a sunday, despite his dodgy knees!!A valuable asset to any football club for committment and passion.
  Lee 'bunty'  bunty
Bunty has been called many things during his time at the club this season, although some of the nicknames cannot be repeated here! Bunty is a top lad and has improved as a player as the season has progressed. For the most part of the season he has played right back, and has surprised everyone with how well he has coped there-an excellent lad to have on your team.
  Billy 'Billy'  Cannon He has had an unbelievable first season during the 2001/02 campaign.  He came to the club as a goalkeeper but proved himself more than capable upfront, bagging 25+ goals this season.  His powerful phisique is sometimes too much for the opposition's defence, and his finishing has been second to none.  He played the last game of the season in goal, where he acquitted himself well.  A former Manchester City Junior, who was a goalkeeper on the books for the Maine Road outfit.
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